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Friday, July 14, 2006

Worrying on Israel, Not the Tropics Today

Hi. Worrying today on Israel and not the tropics. The tropics are quietly asleep today. Remnants of the wave are moving slowly through the Caribbean at a low latitude and a few upper level lows spin poetically across the basin. The tropics are hot in the Pacific and that means we are a week to ten days away from trouble in this side of the Basin.

My son Shuky, the weather wonder, is in Israel studying in Jerusalem at the moment. Well, at the moment he might be in Jerusalem or he might be in Bnai Brek or somewhere but I am not sure where and getting a little nervous. He was supposed to go to Tsfat for Shabbos with a group of kids from America that are on a tour that he is working with but..........because of the missiles falling they decided to go somewhere safer not near the North, not near the South. Is there anywhere safe?

I'm nervous. Not a happy camper on this one.

Hurricanes I can handle. My son in a country that is at war I can't.

Did anyone, by the way, notice how they sure have a lot of long range, good missiles for a group of people who have been complaining endlessly about the state of their poor Palestinian refugees living in squalor. It would seem to me that if the people of the Arab nations looked out for their poor Palestinian refugees and supported them instead of arming Hezbollah, a terrorist army, with high tech, long range bombs they would be sitting pretty and living well. But, they don't care for their own people they only care about the destruction of Israel and Jews.

Let's call a spade a spade here. This is not a "turf war" as some very pretty Lebanese girl said on the news in Miami. This is a war against Jews and a war to rid the middle east of anyone who is Jewish or Christian (eventually) because they want a "pure" Arabic Middle East. Plain and simple.. and if they had all of the Middle East free of Jews they would be glad to bomb any Jewish place in Paris or New York.

Back in 1994 son's friends and classmates were driving home across the Brooklyn Bridge after visiting their ill, elderly Rabbi who was in a hospital in Manhattan and the van was fired upon by a Arab Taxi driver on the BROOKLYN BRIDGE.. symbol of NY and America.. for no other reason than they were Jews and a good target. Target practice on Jews on the Brooklyn Bridge. Just a nice taxi driver with an Uzi under his seat set to take out a few Jews in America. One of many in illegal terrorist cells living and working among the Jews in Brooklyn. He wasn't looking for his homeland to be free for his poor Palestinian relatives and he was using his taxi fare money to buy Uzi machine guns and bullets not sending it home to the poor Palestinians back home.

My son's friend lost part of his head, and survived a bullet lodged in his brain. Another friend on the bus died.

Some links below to what happened on that famous "Welcome Back Kotter" bridge that is the symbol of New York City.

My son Sruly wasn't on the bus, he could have been on the bus. He could have been dead (God Forbid) like Ari for no other reason than he was a Jew and good target practice for Arab hatred of Jews.

That could happen in America, right under our noses and a few years later the big Twin Towers went Boom and Kaboom and imploded straight down all over Manhattan. Not so far away from where Ari died for no reason but because he was Ari, a Jewish boy with a yarmulke and sitting like a duck on his school bus being shot at the length and breadth of the Brooklyn Bridge.

At least with Nassar we knew the truth..

It wasn't about UN Resolutions, it wasn't about an Arab homeland for Palestinians who were really thrown out of Jordan and Egypt by Arab leaders who didn't want them there either. It wasn't about wanting a Palestinian State or a Palestinian Army. It was about Arabs wanting a Jew Free world starting with Israel.

Nassar told the truth when he said he wanted to push the Jews into the sea until there wasn't one Jew left in Israel.

So, you got to wonder while all those poor Palestinians are living poor lives in crowded ghettos supported by UN welfare and help how Hezbollah and Hamas has so much money and a non-stop pipeline of military hardware from Iran, Syria and anyone else who wants to help annihilate the Jews in Israel.

Seems like if they cared so much about their own people they would help their own people.

War is not in their best interests and as a friend said to me on the phone this morning.. "they" (the Arabs) are shooting missiles and attacking the Christian Arab Villages the hardest because they dare live and work with Israel in peace. He's right. And, the Druze there are targeted as much as Jews.

So... hoping Shuky will be safe. Hoping Israel will find a way to stop Hamas and Hezbollah and all of their enemies. Because if you think this is just about those crazy Jews and Arabs fighting in the Middle East you are DEAD WRONG.


Dead, like Ari Halberstam

Look at the picture of the boy below.. he was an American boy going home from doing a good deed and visiting the Rebbe who was ill in a hospital in Manhattan.. not far from where the Twin Towers fell... just minding his own business, playing with his friends, shooting the breeze and hanging out in America and suddenly shot to death on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Yes, I am worried on my son in Israel. Maybe I should be worried about my children living here.

Good Shabbos, Bobbi


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