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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Water Vapor Loops VS Upper Level Lows

Good Evening or Good Morning however and whenever you read this..

I was asleep earlier but then Shuky called and Shayna called and someone called (don't remember who) then Jay called and some guy from Tampa with a fake fone call and I gave up... so I'm here.

These are my thoughts, this is my post, this is your life.

Partially reposted from except I have a few things to add.

Okay, I just want to mention this briefly and in the morning we can see what has happened over the last 6 hours out there in the Tropical Atlantic.

Good morning (those of you who slept last night).. good evening those of you who are awake. Doesn't insomnia suck? Night shift? New Zealand? Maybe you're reading this on the Space Shuttle? Anyway.. Welcome!

This blog is about the Water Vapor Loop and Upper Level Lows. Really.

Truth is Jim Williams made a good observation on the message board today regarding the ULL (Upper Level Low) that may or may not be forming in the Atlantic that might affect THE WAVE in question.

It could bust it up bad tomorrow and enhance it a bit later though depending on IF the ULL develops, where it goes and how fast it moves.

Next.. there is an upper level low aka ULL that is enhancing shear in the Caribbean and shooting the shear right into the heart of "The Wave"

However.. the shear is a constant feature at the entrance to the Eastern Carib this time of year. The shear enhancer is not. And, sometimes those upper level lows can move faster and suddenly the switch is flicked and everything changes real fast. It is like letting air out of a balloon. Whoosh..

They are compelling and hypnotizing to watch and they are difficult to read as there are all these little nuances (much like this message board) but if one little detail changes the whole atmosphere changes and you get that butterfly effect.

Just remember when watching Upper Level Lows: What disrupts today may enhance tomorrow.

Cantore is one of the best around at reading them. It is like a great artist explaining another great artist's work, showing how the techniques were used and pointing out things that to the common, average viewer they never noticed until he pointed it out. Personally, I think he is better than Bastardi and Bastardi is good but Cantore reads nuances well on the water vapor loop. He is the best by my book.

My son Shuky speeds them up and it makes me dizzy watching them spin that fast but he sees things at that speed and I like to watch a long time and get a real feel for it but at a slower speed. And, often the black and white is better to view than the color as all those colors can be distracting and the black and white can at times tell the story better. At times.

As for Jim's ULL that might create a problem. Agreed. But, what bugs it today may fan it's flame in a few days.

You know what I mean?

You watch, you decide. Lot's of good water vapor loops. (particulary pretty)

Very pretty picture. You MUST sing the following song while looking at it though.

He's got the whole world in his hands...

As for me.. I am going to try and go back to bed.
I have so much on my mind. A daughter west bound through Nevada on the 80 with some guy bugging her (not bad) and a son in Israel who might be going up to the mountains for Shabbos, a friend on the road with a possibly sick child, a best friend in Maine who I think needs me up there badly but I'm stuck down here and a new job that I am very happily stuck in and I have to make a Thanksgiving Dinner for my brother Jay for Shabbos because I thought it would be a "fun" idea. Talking on IM to another son's ex-girlfriend who is the most perfect girl I know (someone needs his head examined) and well...................I wish I had a faster computer so I could stare endlessly at that Orca loop and I'm not talking about a big, fat, whale's...

I'm talking weather..

Wave watching today, hurricane watching tomorrow.

He's got the whole world in his hands....

Going back to bed. Dreamland. Bye bye. Go to sleep! Go back to Work!

Or Good Morning..


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