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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Red Sox WON :) Tropical Development in the Gulf?

Well the Red sox winning is bigger than any tropical development except for maybe a Cape Verde Storm.

A Cape Verde Storm would out do that .. maybe.

This was my first real, live in person Red Sox game and I am so jazzed, so excited and in such another world. Felt sooo funny to be watching a game out in the sunshine without a laptop in my hand, a phone in my hand and well... you know... Well, someone does and Zalmy does. Funny to get dressed and leave the house and well..

New experiences are happening every day.

Oh wow. So cool.

Am I a child here or what?

What a game. Homerun the first player up.

Zalmy had a blast (in case you are reading this) and I wore the shirt that you sent me after that game we sat up ALL night watching that went into extra innings when you finally believed I really was a Redsox fan. And... I had fun.

Okay, private little note there.

Back to the tropics...

The area in the Gulf could develop but it's a real question mark and mostly a rain maker.

The wave off the coast of Florida is still there. A tremendous amount of instability and beginning to get that look of a mess along a frontal trough.

Listen.. it's not a real storm. I know, I know.

You want a Cape Verde storm. I want you to be happy. I am not Miss Cleo, I keep telling you that. If I was.. I'd have gotten the big money and not her :P

So..........that is my news for the day.

I prayed and prayed it wouldn't rain til after the game and it poured nonstop for 20 minutes 5 minutes after the game. My prayers were answered. Someone up there really likes me.

Very cool, very, very cool.

Fenway Park is better, yes I know. It was beautiful when I was there but I bet it looks better without the icicles hanging on the seats though .. it was a sort of cool winter wonderland.

Are we having fun yet or what?

I owe someone a letter, a phone call and a letter but for now..

Read my blog:

Zalmy and I went to a Redsox game and we won!



(go back to work now, do something, don't sit around here reading this)


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