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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bring It On!

Someone on the message board today said that in reference to the 2006 Hurricane Season and then it was debated to death what it meant but whatever the reason... Yes, Bring It On!

Talking life and the world and one step better than "Just Do It" philosophy.

Do what you will, do what you do best, do whatever you are going to do ... Just do it and bring it on.

We spend so much time in life worrying on the future that we forget to live in the present. Just enjoy.

The tropics are quiet. They won't be for much longer. Something will spin, something will connect, something will start to twist and there won't be time in the day to do it all.

I love every minute of being on Miami Beach these days. I love it. I LOVE IT. Bigger font.. I watch the palm trees on Lincoln Road, the people scurrying about, the people dressed nutty and the people dressed in suits and heels and the overdressed bum in a Jimmy Buffett shirt trying to panhandle change on the corner of Alton for a Starbucks for breakfast not beer at the Walgreens.

I love the cigar shop that has been there forever despite every hurricane season that sells tarot cards from their window and the Cuban Coffee place next store that uses real brown sugar. I love the boutiques, Victoria Secrets and The Gap and the old Cadillac building. I even love the Sterling Building where my ex-husband proposed to me (thank you Ellie) and I miss the used book store and need to go into Books and Books when I get a long lunch.

I love Washington Avenue, where I hid from old boyfriend's parents and Lee Ann Drugs. I love staring at the Convention Center and the old Jackie Gleason theatre where I graduated, Ron's father worked and Jimmy worked and all those flea markets on Miami Beach.

There is a house on Alton Road STILL for sale, always for sale, not fixed up and in original bad condition. Should I win the lotto today maybe I should finally buy it.

And, I worry every day... every day, there is always this little thought in the back of my head while enjoying it..

Will this be the season that blows it away?

I have pictures and images in my mind that compete for my attention. Pictures and images of the 1926 Hurricane and how Miami Beach looked then. It competes with the workers working on the Church banging away with their hammers on some remodeling. I've seen pictures of that church in October of 1926 when they were rebuilding it slowly and the trees near by were stripped of their foilage.

I have so much that hangs in the balance this summer, up in the rafters and quietly tucked away waiting to happen.

Old boyfriends, old best friends, old co-workers I need to call, old stalkers losing steam and slipping quietly away in plaid shirts into the rafters of a big, closed up, dark barn.. hidden away like characters out of a Stephen King novel that don't ever scare me.

Long, long, run on sentences.... and paragraphs with no end except for when I decide to end them.

I have a brother here from Greece for the first time in 10 years. Where will we go to dinner? I have a grandbaby of some indeterminate, unknown sex waiting to be born, I have a son keeping me informed that he is alive and well in Jerusalem.

And, winnebagos and golf carts dance and fly in my head while I wonder... will this be the season that it all disapeers to be rebuilt again in 2007.

Will my blue tarp make it...

Will I ever see Ernie again in this life time and WHY CAN'T I HAVE CHIP????

Giggling, oh giggling.. please, that girl on the message board was so right..

Bring it On!

Redsox won yesterday by the way, we rock!
We do.


Love and kisses in any language... hit me with your best shot, fire away... Bring it On!

Just no pomerainians please :)

Ps.. I work next to a duck the size of a cruiseship.. do you think a winnebago is going to scare me? Giggling, sorry.. I do love your winnebago, was just perfect. How can you top the winnebago?


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