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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Weather Chasing in the Keys Today - A developing wave tomorrow..

Just got back from the Keys where my brother and drove down to get some good pictures and do some weather chasing.

He called me up and told me that they were saying it was waterspout weather down there and he loves to take pics of waterspouts so... last minute grabbed a few things and went down to look around.

Drove through heavy rain, beautiful rain, all the way down. Around Key Largo we stopped, hung out, waited for some bands to pass, grabbed some cherries and nosh and drink and checked with Jim to see how far to go to see something and.. headed south.

Jim said to head south. We did. Not as far as Jim said because Ronnie only wanted to go so far. Somewhere my other brother Jay in Greece is cracking up dying of laughter.

It was great. I wore my black Hurricane City shirt over my jean skirt and my beaded sandals. Hey, you can take those little heels off and wade through a puddle a lot easier than dealing with sneakers. Ronnie stood there eyeing the lake we were wading through, I just went barefoot.. only ankle high but was fun, really fun.

We relaxed, we talked, we listened to country and Keys US1 Radio and stopped down at Table Top to get a great panorama view. Took some nice pics. Low, low clouds rolling in with a shower coming down all white and misty stirring up the water. A few hanging funnel clouds but nothing much to write home about.. not the real thing.

Ronnie got some great pics of pelicans in a marina in Islamorada where we stopped on the way back.

We stopped at the Rain Barrel and went in and looked at the local artwork. Stopped at the cafe and talked to the owner who I want to say is named Ernesto but not sure. I'll check my notes later and fill it in. Nice little Cafe with mostly vegetarian style fair, fresh salads and cute table tops to sit in the garden. Except it was pouring in the garden, the Hurricane City tee shirt was getting wet and we headed off somewhere else to pick up some food. That was good too but that's another post.

Nice pics, nice day, nice rainy weather.

I knew it wouldn't develop. Not today anyway. Maybe tomorrow but it's too close to the coast and really much to do about nothing.

On another front it poured at the house and the ceiling leaked a bit in one of the rooms that previously didn't leak. Darn. Double darn. Luckily my landlord, my sweet, funny, good landlord is in town. I love this house, don't want no problems.

We stopped on the way back and I got two really deep red colored crouton bushes with the twisted leaves. I know, I know.. croutons but hey.. I am enjoying the reminders of my childhood here in this house in Miami and it's so 1960s South Florida that I decided it NEEDED a few crouton bushes.

Otherwise................oh I love the Keys.

Otherwise..............models show something might be developing in the Atlantic east of the islands.

Check this out tomorrow and see if what I see late tonight is there tomorrow morning. Remnants of banding from a REAL tropical wave (not one of those quasi systems off the Florida coast) and if that banding is still there well.. it can intensify and well..............

Clark knows what I mean. He taught me. Sneaky little meteorologist that he is and he is always, always, always annoyingly right about things.

Lastly... be it known that I sat up tonight with my daughter Rivky and we watched Dirty Dancing. Really. Honestly. Twice. oh my goodness.. can you believe that.

And, I wrote an old friend.

Note to anyone reading this: If you ever get a beautiful love poem from a friend and you dont know what to do with it. Save it. It just might come in handy some day :)


Dina is traveling westbound on the way to Colorado. Highway 80, westbound on the way to some Hippy Concert. Mommy just traveled back from the Keys.

I wonder who she is talking to ...

Take care, be well, be happy and remember.. watch the weather and remember to dance in the rain.

Bobbi aka Lois aka Bobbi
Watch the wave...


At 9:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I recently stumbled on your Blog through HurricaneCity (I am Stormer One from Tallahassee) and hope to read more soon.

I work graveyard (Florida Lottery) 10 hours a day, so it takes me a while to catch up on my reading.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for the site.

Stormer One


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