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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Possible Tropical Formation in the Bahamas


Models are playing with possible scenarios and despite the high sheer out there.. it seems to have a need to spin.

Watch the sats and the Tropical Update for any information about a system that could be forming and might possibly move across Florida. Some models say South and others say Brevard County.

Time will tell... keep watching.

Going to clean up the remnants of my shopping spree and get back down to earth.

The new cellphone I have allows me to listen to the FM radio. Besides listening to Kiss Country.. I figured when Channel 4 gives live updates on the FM band I can listen anywhere :)

Also... big find today at the Mall was the Hurricane Map at...........STARBUCKS.

My hurricane tracking map for my purse now has a Starbucks symbol out where usually there is a big TUTT spinning. Go figure..

Starbucks and Coffee, what a world.

I'll post later if the 11pm from the NHC has any firmer wording than the current one that raised eyebrows on weather boards across the internet.


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