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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

No Development of the Tropical Kind

A lot of strangeness going on but nothing tropical.

The system is spinning it's way across land bringing flooding rains to the Carolinas, Viriginia and never forget Mary Land.

Really a wet mess up there.

If the system gets back out over water it is something that needs to be watched.

The recon planes went in and found nothing.

Showers are still filling up the SW Caribbean and .............the wave is still out there approaching the islands. On some sites and loops it looks quite good and at other moments... it's not much to write home about but.. we keep watching.

It rained today. Poured. Lightning.

Sharon called me and found me at the Payless and asked me where I was and did I know that there was a tornado warning; a tornado was on the ground in Hialeah. She yelled at me to get back to the library fast. Weather warnings all the way from Portland Maine.

I walked across the street, some platic bag over my hed like a cape and felt like I was Dorothy without Toto.

When I got back to the library, slightly wet and back on the desk Toto showed up.

Who next? Peter Rabbit? Santa Claus?

May I say this to a certain person right about here:

What are you part Indian? Do you walk on little tippy toes.. one minute you were there, one minute you were somewhere else, pretending to look at reference books, standing way too close to the Stephen King reads poster and then two seconds later you were over there and then..........back again pretending to look something up. No words. None. Well, some.. a whole bunch I could use but I won't. Play your little games, I hope they give you a lot of pleasure. I can personally think of other ways to gain pleasure but hey.. to each his own and I'm a Southerner not a Yankee so (hahaha you are a Yankee hahaha giggling, giggling a lot) and never the twains shall meet as they say. Mark Twain that is.

So, give it your best shot. Go on.

Why don't you trot Mr. Ed in there later this week.. just canter him slowly past the circulation desk. Tinkerbell? Tonto? How about Barney?

Enjoy, temporarily rattled but not broken and will take chill pills with me for the rest of the week just in case little Green Martians from the Green Mountains land in front of the reference desk and ask where the casting call is..

3 more days. And, Poof.. I am out of there.

Actually the boat Brigadoon was nice but.. alas it was dry wood and out of water like some people I guess I know.

One thing saves you and only one thing.. my deep undying love for the stupid red sox.

Ps... if the guard or Ernie or that little Russian guy who has been hanging around attack you and pin you to the ground trying to keep me safe... remember you were warned.

Pss.. Sharon says Wells Beach is beautiful and that she's staying in Maine where any normal smart person should be in June


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