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Friday, June 09, 2006

Hurricane Season Slowly Forming near the Yucatan

Well, from where I sit this morning it would seem to me that there is something to talk about. Great song.

Yup, down by the Yucatan where the season so often forms. Either there or the Bay of Campeche but this morning all eyes are on the Yucatan. An area of clouds, thunderstorms and what seems like bright reds and oranges have persisted over night and since yesterday afternoon. It is part of a large, broad area of weather but it seems most concentrated and most climatologically favored there for some development.

Large and Broad, by the way, are words the Hurricane Center strings together when they want to explain to the public and weather watchers everywhere that "yes they see it" as in "what do you think we are blind?" It is not just large it is large, broad.. over a large area.

It also means it hasn't formed yet. Hasn't started spinning.

When they use the P word... means keep watching.

P word: persistent

Another P word is: potential

This morning's love note from the NHC said, "some THERE IS SOME POTENTIAL FOR SLOW DEVELOPMENT WITHIN

Means also: Maybe, kinda, or in Jimmy Buffettease "Time Will Tell"

I have no idea if this is going to work. IF it does.. you see a picture. IF it doesn't. I'm doing better at Russian than HTML stuff.

As for Shabbos: Wine, Challah, Freshly made Gefilte Fish Log, Babaganush, Hummus, Sante Fe Guacamole, Cole Slaw, Roasted Chicken with Roasted Vegetables, Strawberries and Cherries.

As for Lyrics.. very good lyrics. Almost perfect lyrics from a great CD. Been listening for the last few days. Persistently as they say.

Far Side of the World
Autour Du Rocher
Jimmy Buffett, Henri Ledee, Leon Ledee, Marcel Limodin, Jean-Jacques Kraif

Mes amis nous allons quelque part dont tout
le monde
Se rappelle d'un endroit ou l'herbe etait
toujours verte
Et la fete ne s'arretait jamais
A autour du rocher

This a a little tale about a hotel in the Caribbean.
Well it wasn't really a hotel, it was a patio
bar with funky rooms and an outdoor disco
with bad wiring. Some people said if you looked
between the cracks of the floorboards of our
dance floor you would see Hell. If you ever
went there, you would know what I'm talking
about. If you never had, then we
thought we'd send you a little musical souvenir.

Some say it was a planet
Some say it was a rock
For five wild years in L"Orient
The party never stopped

There were pirates from the Indies
There were models from Paris
There were locals and New Yorkers
And the Brazilian Navy

By mini-moke and scooters
In cabs and stolen cars
Came the creatures of the evening
From St. Martin and from Mars

Alors, Alors, Alors, Alors alors come on, come on
Vien faire un tour autour du rocher
On croisera les fantomes du passe
Viens faire un tour autour du rocher
Sur les souvenirs l'herbe a poussee

Girl at the pool table
puts on a show for free
They were bivouacked in the bathroom
By the hot tub near the sea

Every night at midnight
Seems the devil took control
And the hill became a parking lot
Fueled by rock 'n' roll

They were talking by the cannon
But I couldn't believe my ears
The Russian had plutonium
The sailor wanted beers

They shook hands in the moonlight
And broke out a big cigar
Just business as usual
Beneath the tropic stars

Alors(come on) alors (let's go) alors
Vien faire in tour autour du rocher
On croisera les fantomes du pass'e
Viens faire un tour autour du richer
Sur les souvinirs l'herbe a poussee

It was better than a painting
At le Musee de Beaux Arts
And simply what we did for fun
Back in the old St. Barts

Then the glitz and all the glamour
Hit like a hurricane
Or maybe we just all grew up

But it never was the same

The gendarmes finally closed the joint
And the fire it did the rest
But on New Year's Eve of '91
We sang the last request

We were dancing in the ashes
We were dancing in the sea
We were dancing in the ruins
Where we left our memories
Come on let's go alors
Vien faire un tour autour du rocher
On croisera les fantomes du pass'e
Viens faire un tour autour du rocher
Sur les souvinirs l'herbe a poussee

Alors. Alors, Alors, Alors
Vien faire un tour autour du rocher
On croisera les fantomes du pass'e
Viens faire untour autour du rocher
Sur les souvenirs l'herbe a poussee


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