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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

First Week of Hurricane Season 2006

So far so good. So far so quiet.

This (if it worked) is a picture of what South Florida used to look like before it was filled with multi-million dollar condos and hotels. When storms came..they went as fast as they came.. the shoreline rearranged itself, some trees blew down. A full moon climbed up magically over the ocean and shone down silvery and magically upon a quiet beach.

Waves rippled on the sand. Palm trees swayed.

This was Miami before it was built up into the big, busy, metropolis that it is today. Long ago.. death tolls were low, dollar amounts lower and the sun rose the next day on a shoreline that was forever changing .. created by the natural cycle of nature, weather, wind and rain.

Pretty picture if you can see it. Exists only here... or on various art sites selling pictures of yesteryear.

Isn't it beautiful?
Well, I think so. Far from the storm over Global Warming and far from the lesser storm that should be raised about the tons of papers and litter that is tossed daily onto beaches and streets everywhere. Seems to me if people want to start cleaning up the planet they should start with their own block, their own beach and then work up to global issues.

You may not be able to change everything but if you start local at least you have started somewhere.

And...why is it that a computer model developed at FSU with Government money is now no longer letting the Government use it's output as the model has been sold to private industry? A post for another time.

This morning.. want to think on Old Florida.

Storm at Miami Beach, Florida


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