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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bobbi Bought a Bra... Finally

The saga continues.....

Finally, at long last after all the errands and never making it to work...

Bobbi bought a bra.

Three actually.
A black one.
A beige/nude one.
An ice blue, baby blue... oh come on you know the color of the tuxedo from the prom blue.

A red ruffled shirt.
A cute black V neck tee.

A small compact black purse.
A purse at Victoria Secrets that has spray, body oil, body wash and conditioner on sale...

You know the sale.

2 mini black mascara's for my purse (.99cents each)
lipstick Steven would approve of ($2.50)

3 small dark chocolate postage stamp wafers at Godiva Chocolate ... only ate 1 and didn't buy white chocolate)

Drank black Gulfstream coffee from Starbucks.

Bobbi.. spent money.
Bobbi.. is posting from her son's Apple Store in the Mall.
he says you are NOT allowed to take pics in here
oops.. I wanted one of him at work.

Visited her soon to be ... maybe one day daughter in law at her boutique (Anika)

Bobbi had lunch.

See Bobbi read. See Bobbi write.

Bobbi got the radio attachment earphones for her new phone and got it set up at the Cingular booth because..
the men there are nice and I don't want to spend any more time online with Cingular ever in this life time or on the phone

Bobbi got her new phone turned on, the old one turned off.

Sent papers out that needed to be done.

And... didn't do anything else that was supposed to get done because...

Bobbi needed a break. Bobbi needed to spend the money that her son Levi sent her as a "fathers day present" as Bobbi is raising the kids alone without any financial support or otherwise from their father so.. so he said I get the present.

I was supposed to use it to go to Key West but well.....Key West is far away and I don't want to go to Key West alone anymore.

Bobbi is looking for some nice guy who wants to go to Key West with her..

Bobbi is going off now. Going to go to work for a few hours (maybe if they want me) and...

Tomorrow.......maybe........the Tropical Weather Update ala Bobbi will be back.

Today is a V day.

Oh..and the lady at Starbucks gave me the little blue bowl to keep because it had no price, had candy in it, the candy was gone and she said I should take it as a present.

Cool beans huh?

Love ya all..

Life is short.. every once in a while you have to pull a Ferris Bueller's Day off and go with it.

chow for now
not so tropically topical Bobbi :)


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