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Thursday, June 22, 2006

All I Learned I Learned From My Boyfriends.. (nothing tropical going on)

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The rest of this is going to be mine

Or as my landlord says: Me, Myself and I of which I think at this point I can safely say he is the better part of the 3.

I have decided that everything in life I have learned I have oddly learned from my boyfriends. Old ones as I don't possess one at the moment. I possess possibilities but nothing more and nothing less.

I often feel like Ginger in Gilligan's Island when she would say, "I played the part of a _____________" once and that gave her it seems great confidence to believe she could be a ____________ and wear whatever cute, tight, form fitting costume the script called for on any given week.

I haven't had that many real love of my life boyfriends but I have had many boys in my life. Many men that were special to me and that I was involved with on some level, be it physical, emotional or spiritual that left a deep and everlasting impression.

Where I would be without those boys? Who knows. Leading a quieter more normal life I am sure.

As I told the nice lady from Cingular yesterday on the phone. She lives in Toronto. She said "near the Niagra Falls" so I said, the Canadian side or American. I mean come on... was clearly outsourced to an English speaking place. I told her, "if a nice, cute, sweet, honest man comes along and isn't the smartest, wittiest fellow on the block... grab him. Enjoy him. Smart, witty and good looking is not all it's cracked up to be." Or as an old boyfriend of mine told me once, "Bobbi, what you really need in life is some nice dumb goyishe guy" and he was probably right as deep down I am nothing but a redneck at heart who would love to be sitting on the porch, watching the clouds, barefoot drinking a beer at the end of the day with someone I love. It's sort of a strange fantasy but it's mine. MINE. Shooting the breeze about sports, the weather and life or just enjoying being alive. That is my fantasy. That is my dream guy. That is my dream life. You throw in a peaceful 24 hour period of Shabbos that allows me to live the rest of the hectic week and I would be in hog heaven. Or ... beef heaven. Fish heaven? Any heaven.

But... I have learned so much from the men in my life. Men are in so many ways so much better to be friends with than women. IF they don't like you.. they won't waste their time with you. They rarely talk to you to find out what anyone else is wearing to some party that you don't even want to go to... And, you can shoot the breeze about life and hang vs listening to someone give a 20 minute pitty party and kvetch why Lulu get's all the guys and tell you that it's because all guys care about are breasts and say that really angry like while staring angrily at your breasts making you want to explain that girls with breasts have brains too and or... cross your arms across your ample chest and sink slowly into the carpet wishing you hadn't run into Mona who is moaning about men vs moaning... just well.. Really, men are much more fun to be friends with and when they stare at your breasts.. they don't do so with anger or jealousy. You see?

Oh lord, why am I writing this?

Because I STILL need to go to the mall and by a bra and I can't get time off. Actually, I need more than a bra. I need "Pure Seduction" spray and I want to see what other stuff might be on sale at Victoria Secrets. IF they don't have anything I need or can use.. I can go to JC Penney's and they have half a floor of nothing but bras. I think that is my biggest fear in life.. not getting lost in a corn field but getting lost in JC Penney's lingerie department. I'm short. I can't see over those stands and after a while every bra display looks the same and all the Double Ds are always at the back of the racks so you have to go deeper and deeper and the cute colorful As and Bs fall off on the floor, the weird saleslady is giving you glaring looks and you can't remember which is buy two and get one free or buy one and get one half price. It all becomes a pastel blur of cups and nylon and lace and ... it's scary, trust me. At least Victoria Secrets smells better.

Sometimes by the way.. Victoria Secrets sells music and they are beautifully put together for your listening pleasure.

Anyway... I have learned:

The end of the Amidah prayer has the most beautiful paragraph that is often used in Jewish song. I learned this because when we were very young Richard looked up to me while listening to a record and smiled broadly and said, "this is the.... from ..." and to this day when I get to that part of the tefillah (prayer) I smile broadly and think of Richard.

When I am in a quandary and need to make a decision that is somewhat sneaky or pragmatic I think of Joe, Joseph.. Snoopy who is now the Mayor and I should call him up and say hi. But, there is Joe, standing in the middle of Honors English on his imaginary soapbox arguing with me if the ends justifies the means or not. Well, I think we agreed but we still argued because well.. what else do you do in Honors English when you would rather talk and discuss politics with your friends than do the work which we already knew anyway. I think Joe being the mayor works because without his legal help the mayor of Miami a few years back wouldn't have been the mayor so..what goes around comes around. Note to Bobbi: email Joseph.

I've learned from Stuart to think on two levels.. long term, short term.

I've learned alot. I have much to learn.

I wonder why I never learned who John Galt was way back when because deep down I could probably use that lesson most in life today.

And.. I learned from one of the best weathermen in the business to watch the death star satellite site and to go in close to look at small cells exploding inside bigger bands (even though for forecasting track he should really pay more attention to the water vapor loop) and well, I learned more than anyone can imagine about tropical weather. Thank you "you know who" from me to you.

Yup. Men...

You got to love them. They go after what they want, they put their needs first, they aren't afraid to blow their own horn and they are not jealous of women's breasts or her brains as long as she brings them a cold beer and let's them watch their favorite team on TV.

Men have their priorities straight.

And, they look cute in jeans and an open shirt.
I'll wear the high heels and Candies... and I'll keep my shirt buttoned.

And... now I am going to get my butt out of here. Go brave the bra safari at the mall, mail a package to someone and use a smudge stick to clean the spirits of the children who have been sitting here for a few weeks glued to the computer and TV. I sent them to camp today, day camp, away camp, out of here camp.

Going to put on Jimmy Buffett or Willie Nelson, take a shower, purify the house and find a bra to go replace.

Learning more about John Galt and looking for that simple, redneck guy who wants to watch the sunset with me, beer in hand, barefoot who doesn't have a cow because I want to keep shabbos also. If he likes to dance in the rain... even better.

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PS :) The Heat may have won the championship.. but the Redsox won big last night against! GoSox!


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