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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Thoughts: Matisyahu and Tzvivos Hashem and Time's Dance

Quick random thoughts that I shared earlier with my best friend who wants to be known now as Sharie... anyways.. right.. life imitating art here.. so...

The concept of Time amazes me and how long it takes for something to grow and bear fruit.

We compare small boys to a tree and we don't cut their hair until they are 3 years old.. based upon not taking the fruit from a tree for its first 3 years.

We often say about children "that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" though often the fruit is much better than the tree itself.

Trees are compared to Tzaddikim.. holy people which I mentioned a while back when I felt bad for a beautiful, massive 100 year old tree that fell down in Hurricane Wilma in Miami.

So, today while taking a brief rest from cleaning (which I finally got around to) and listening to Matisyahu and the Youth CD I googled the dates that I had been wondering on for a while that would prove my point...

Matisyahu's birthday according to online sources:

Matisyahu was born Matthew Miller on June 30, 1979, in West Chester, PA, although his family moved to Berkeley, CA, when he was a child before settling in White Plains, NY.

That makes Matisyahu a small boy.. baby.. child when the Rebbe gave the famous sicha and started the campaign of Tzivos Hashem and even though I am sure he was nowhere near 770 that day... the seeds were planted for the future of a magnificent generation that would far surpass their parents..

from tzvios hashem's website..

FALL 1980 - 5741
• Establishment of Tzivos Hashem Activities Fall 1980 - 5741
The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson encourages Jewish children to enlist in Tzivos Hashem. Enrollment pours in from many countries. Registration is recorded in pencil on cards

and.... it took how long for it to realize the fruits from that labor...
from that spark, that thought, that sicho..

From Tzivos Hashem online:

1981 - 5741
• Youth Groups
• Tzivos Hashem Choir
Adopted the theme song ‘We Want Moshiach Now’

That brings us to 2006............
Matisyahu's CD goes GOLD... with the words of him singing "I want moshiach now" and speaking words of Torah spreading out the wellsprings of Chassidus further and further in ways that we couldn't even conceive of back in 1980.

from lyrics...
"we want moshiach now
i say we want moshiach now"

unreal to look at the links of time...and watch how it unfolds, slowly like a rose bud, each petal opening slowly until one day you have this beautiful rose.

My son Sruly is among other things.. a Podcast Producer?? Music Producer who put together Sameach Music Podcasts that are very popular in frum/jewish circles where people can listen to Sruly and his friend Dov Katz joke, talk and discuss new Jewish Music while sampling songs from newly released CDs on their computers or on their IPODS.

My daughter Shayna mentioned to me that she is so happy Sruly is doing something he always wanted to do.

I pointed out to her that producing a podcast isn't what Sruly really ALWAYS wanted to do. He loved to draw and he wanted to write..both of which he does but back when he was playing with crayons in his Grandma's house there wasn't a podcast in site... it wasn't even created so how could he have always wanted to produce a podcast? He had to grow up a while and wait for IPod to be developed, manufactured and marketed... and voila...

The Sameach Music Podcast :)

Makes you wonder how many more things will be invented that can be used for the good and what else this generation of Youth will do to help bring Moshiach... they will change the world in ways we couldn't even dream even if they are indeed the fruits of our trees... from the Baalatchuvahs of 1973.

What a world... read the lyrics below and you tell me if Matisyahu shouldn't be a 4 Star General of The Army of Hashem ...even if it took him a while to get there down a long and winding road to his destiny.

.... amazing when you think upon it...
lyrics below:

The Flame of've got the freedom to choose, you better make the right move... drums... you've got the freedom to choose, you better make the right move... you've got the freedom to choose... more drums...
young man the powers in your hand, slam your fist on the table and make your demand take a got to make the right move... more drums....

Youth is the engine of the world...

Engines.. how karmic but that's another post for another day.. maybe.


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