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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Real Weather Post..

Okay so it's hot beyond words here in Miami tonight. No air. I mean I know there IS air but you can't see it moving. And, humid... very humid. Last night it was cool and woke up this morning to almost cold.

My ex-husband in NY emailed me some pics from his cellphone of the snow falling in Crown Heights. Called me to tell me. Said it was hard, big flakes.. for about an hour Brooklyn was covered in layer of snow and then almost just as fast it melted.

My best friend "Beth" who lives in Maine.. she says it the whole ground was covered.. melted fast.

Meanwhile.. in Miami.. its hot hot hot

Spent some time at looking through posts, patterns.. thoughts on this upcoming season. Heard the dust will still be interfering with the Cape Verde Storms though its too soon to tell for sure.

Still...been a flip flop sort of winter and the spring is just as floppy if you ask me.

No Joe.. I do NOT think NE will get hit this year with a big hurricane but well.. you never know cause if I could find Lex Luthor..well .. um.... Rhode Island could get hit.

Israel had wicked weather..the whole region. Saw on shmais that the Chitrick family there witnessed the "mini tornado" first hand. I email my son Shuky who is real into weather and hear what he has to say. the world of Bobbi...
Red Sox Won... Josh Beckett started.. wild to see him in the line up.

And... waiting to see who roles in this weekend so I can do a massive, get down and dirty cleaning of the house for Passover.

As Scarlett said a long time ago.. Fiddle Dee Dee.. I'll worry on hurricanes after Passover :)

The song "You Must Remember This.." is stuck in my head, all day.. a kiss is just a kiss .. a just a sigh..the fundamental things apply.. As Time Goes By........" sigh ..



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