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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Keep On Truckin' --- Red Sox Season Startin'

So........... On one of my favorite days in the world... April 3rd the Red Sox start their 2006 Season. To catch the feelin' click here :) In a world gone perfectly crazy at times... and nothing is as it seems... throw the play book out.. throw reality off the train and catch the fever of make believe and fantasy and life imitating art imiitating life...

Throw the play book off the train, dance to the music, color outside the lines or make new lines...

BE YOURSELF.. only originality and authenticity really cut it in todays Seen All, Been There, Done That world... the uniqueness of people being their own crazy selves... furfilling their imagination and taking inspiration out for a ride around the block makes the grade.

Mind you I have NO idea what I just wrote. I didn't really think it.. I wrote it. I began typing, tapping away on the keys and words flowed forth faster than I could catch up with them. Which is pretty darn fast if I may so...

Let the feelings inside be your guide and take control of your destiny.

Be yourself. Knowing that deep inside we all have many people warring within us to take control and to choose the direction of the next move.

We have the freedom to choose, you got to make the right move...

What now?
What next?

Well, for me... going to deal with the Opening of the Red Sox Season without my favorite Red Sox friend chirping along, chirp, chirp like some soundtrack to my life and hearing my son talk non stop about who did what and bug me about when are we going to get the cable back. Wouldn't it be easier to move up north I wonder.. Even if I moved to NY he could watch all the Yankee/Red Sox games and that alone feels like half the season.

Next.. I am going to HAVE to make a list of things I need and for once I am going to take out the Passover stuff early and make a list of what I need. Possibly a crock pot. Probably a crock pot. Come on Bobbi...has their EVER been a Pesach you did not need a new crock pot? This year I need a coffee grinder.. waiting til Pesach to purchase that one.

If I was rich and famous I would order in a Sedona Coffee from Starbucks every morning.

Have a book or two to read and need to write... write whats in my head ...

I need a vacation.. always feel this way this time of year and then get stuck with Pesach (which I enjoy) and can't get away til later..
And............kid's friends are coming back from Israel, horns beeping, the party is starting already... the ones from up north have yet to arrive and join the party.

So... while tipping through the tulips of emails tonight the song came to me...and never did I know where the thought came from.. couldn't remember the end of the song ... go figure, was Wild Thing.. cute song.. Did you know that the man who wrote it... was Angelonia Jolie's uncle? Really go figure... the same man who wrote Angel of the Morning (my mother hated that song.. ) I used to play it over and over.. Guess there is some pre-programmed link to when I was in Jr. High lol...

Songfacts: You can leave comments about the song at the bottom of the page.
This was written by a songwriter named Chip Taylor, who has made tons of money from it because it has been recorded by many artists and is constantly being used in movies and TV shows. Taylor used a lot of this money to fuel a gambling habit - for years he bet about $10,000 a day and was kicked out of every casino in Las Vegas for card counting. He also wrote "Angel Of The Morning," which was a hit for Merrilee Rush in 1968. Taylor is the brother of actor Jon Voight and the uncle of Angelina Jolie."

Wild Thing by The Troggs Songfacts

Last thing I will say.. the world has changed so much in the last few years.. and it changes fast at a pace faster than it ever has before (even though every generation has said that) as things rush towards the future at a high speed warp drive pace and its so hard to catch up so the best thing to do is............

Throw the Play Book from the train... watch it fly fast, falling page by page down the ravine settling somewhere.. not here... and make up a new play book..

lastly...................I will say one thing.... this all prooves my point that ... someone is a damn good actor even if he chooses not to act that much...

We all make choices... make yours the right one for you because in the end only YOU must live with your choices and you can't make choices for others.. not children, not friends, not parents, not spouses, not the end, you have only yourself and God to answer to.. everyone else is the choir singing... everyone is like one big back up singer...and you are the lead singer...

Sing strong.. sing a song... be yourself.. fly high..

For you I wait silently, it seems that you believe in me (yep.. listening to Youth CD, Matisyahu)...

fear nobody but his majesty
my spirt you retrieved ;)

***** love Bobbi****

Indestructable - Matisyahu"Indestructable"
Fear nobody but His Majesty,
My spirit, you retrieved,
For you I wait silently,
It seems that you believe in me
Fear nobody but His Majesty,
My spirit, you retrieved,
For you I wait silently,
It seems that you believe in me
Indestructable digging through the rubble
Bubblin we don't need no more trouble
That bahella-scope vision, hot hot fiction
Like im running a muck upon a rhythm
Stay on the plan so you don't lose the vision
Stay sizzling
Peter pan
I'm from a land hip like this
From the city feeling it
Ya breathing in, ya put on your glasses and ya see through it

Fear nobody but His Majesty,
(fear no one)
My spirit, you retrieved,
For you I wait silently, (his majesty)
It seems that you believe in me
Fear nobody but His Majesty, (fear no one)
My spirit, you retrieved,
For you I wait silently, (his majesty)
It seems that you believe in me
Some of them run-run-running like rats on a wheel
Trife will find her new deal
Who is their ticket for a meal?
This world is real on the heels of a final generation
I remember that day in November
Standing on the roof and I'm feeling so tender
All shook up like I've been in the blender
Fend off the demons in the park after dark
Lend me your hand I want to be a member
Spent too much and now im rendered,
Dead mend these wounds we got to find a common thread
Want to fly in the sky but you're heavy like lead


Just a tool in the hands of the builder
Fill them with the strength to go further
Diggin deep for eternal treasure
Stay away from quicksand and false pleasure
Dare not speak with arrogance
Appearance like a lion lurkin in the mist
They surround and they gaze their fix
Grab the rope of G-d's heritage


Release me from their schemes
My distress you will relieve
Shield me on the path that's dark and slippery
They seek deception and futility I stand with integrity

Sneak to the roof of that building
Don't want nobody here to see me
To say that I'm living in a fantasy
But I believe in find and keep
And I plead in sincerity
Wont you utterly remove the cloud hangin over me
Wont cha wave that decree in the shade of your wings
Shelter me from the wicked who have plundered me
From my mortal enemies wont cha shield me

Ohhhhhhhh ma maaa yoyooyooo yoooo


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