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Monday, April 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Miriam... Matisyahu European Tour... Happy April 3rd..

My daughter Miriam turns 19 years old today.

Blows me away. Not because she is so old or grown up.. that I am used to but because it means I have been back in Miami, Florida for almost 20 years.

That was my pregnancy teaching Kindergarden at Landow... I remember it so well. A class full of 4 year olds, my daughter, my teacher aid's son in the class, my son sruly upstairs, my daughter shayna up stairs... her son Moshe next door.. How we got anything done is a mystery to me. It seemed like we spent half our day signing notes for things from children sent downstairs or sending a Medrash Says up to Rabbi Raices. A large class of close to 30 kids with two air conditioners taking turns breaking in hot Miami while Malka planned her Shabbos meals all week and I readjusted to life back in Miami..

20 years ago.. twenty.. Seems like just yesterday I was back in Long Beach but it was life times ago..

My Miriam.. who I spoiled as much as possible (or more according to her older syblings) .. she's in College and well...

Here I am... a few weeks before Pesach ... twenty years later looking back and remembering the day she was born..

I bought her Orange Chicken from Wing Wan for dinner (her favorite) and waiting for the ground meat to defrost and her to make an appearance.

Now instead of her being the baby she is the oldest one home...

The kids are playing on some game..
I'm listening to birds sing..
Talking on email to Jim (Hurricane City) on the chances of NE really getting hit this year or any year...

Hurricane Season edges closer..

Boston Red Sox beat Texas... 7 to 3 :) (Zalmy very happy)

So what has changed in the last 20 years..

A man came in the library today and needed help finding some obscure book that was written on Targum a sort of dictionary back in 1975 and published in a Yeshiva in Jerusalem and while searching the data bases for it he told me he liked my screen saver. His daughter from Bais Yaakov was busy looking for books for homework and so we had time to talk. I told him it was from the National Geographic Spread on Crown Heights.

He was amazed... he knew nothing about it.

So.. I clicked a few keys, surfed around and found the article.. and showed him the pics...

Then I showed him the whole spread on her website..
(with all the pictures in it that weren't in the magazine)

And.. he is amazed.

He didn't know anything about it.

I smiled.. and told him "yeah, just think... somewhere a man in Kansas or Wyoming knew and you didn't."

He laughed.

I added, "And.. his son is probably listening to Matisyahu"

I told him it's a whole new world...

So the world has changed so much in 19 years...

Listening to Matisyahu singing Jerusalem if I forget you and.. well..nothing really does change because we never forget Jerusalem...

Matisyahu is going to be performing in Finland, Sweden and well.. take a peak, was in my email when I came home..

And, Mel wants to wear tzizis for Pesach lol.. what a world... well springs spreading out real far...

Happy Birthday Miriam...
Happy Monday World..

HEY, bracha --

New international dates have just been announced!
Matis' June 15 show in Cleveland is on sale now.
All current dates & pre-sale information follow:
Apr 01 Halifax, NS McInnes Room/Dalhousie Univ
Apr 09 Washington, DC Charles E. Smith Cntr/GeoWash U
Apr 10 Kingston, RI U of RI
Apr 11 Northhampton, MA Calvin Theatre (pre-sale going on now)
Apr 30 Indio, CA COACHELLA Valley Music and Arts Festival
May 06 Dublin, Ireland - Midnight Show at Temple Bar Music Centre (Tickets: or 0818719300)
May 08 Helsinki, Finland - Nosturi (Tickets: or
May 09 Stockholm, Sweden - Kagelbanan
May 10 Oslo, Norway - Garage (Tickets: or +47 22 20 73 50)
May 17 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Max (Tickets:
May 18 Berlin, Germany - Kalkshcheune (Tickets: or Ticket hotline Eventim: 01805 / 570 000 (0,12 EUR/Min)
May 21 Manchester, UK - Univ (Tickets: Box Office 0161 832 1111)
May 22 London, UK - Hammersmith Palais (Tickets: or Box Office 0871 2200 260)
May 28 George, WA Sasquatch Festival
Jun 13 Toronto, Canada Molson Amphitheatre (with Dave Mathews Band)
Jun 14 Darien Lakes Darien Lakes PAC (with Dave Mathews Band)
Jun 15 Cleveland, OH Agora Ballroom pre-sale going on now)
Jun 18 Manchester, TN Bonnaroo Music Festival
Aug 06 Chicago, IL Lollapalooza in Grant Park

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At 11:11 AM, Blogger ruth.r said...

ive been to the matisyahu concert in amsterdam.. its was really cool.. something nobody should miss if you like reggea..


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