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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Found During Passover Cleaning...

The Tehillim I wanted to buy for Passover... my son has it and I can use his for now.

An old picture of all the boys at Ohr Menechem one summer years back.. have to make a bunch of color copies and send them out..must give "Beth" cause her kids are in it too.

Pinchas Mousikov I have your siddur..whoever you are and whenever it was left at my house in miami, long beach california, miami beach or north miami beach.. i should google the name.

Amazing picture in black and white of the Frierdicker Rebbe really young.. Wondering if it's a chasena picture or something.. I should google it.
Think it's this picture:

Found.. my brother Jay's Chitat.. in his small itsy bitsy hebrew made out the name Yehuda Ari Schwartz..

Found Dina's old Mpeg player that goes to her old, old fone.

Found numerous good cook books, a nice short pamphlet put out way back i don't remember seeing on Jewish Name translations and is interesting.

Found my old, old siddur that is slightly warped cause was on a window sill and got soaked by Hurricane Irene.. usable but wobbly pages.

One very, old, dusty hebrew scrabble game.

And..........going to move on to putting away things in the Kitchen.

Kids are waking up... no sight of rain but it's coming, can see on the radar...

You always wonder on those siddurim left behind my bochurim, counselors, people passing through ...

Oh, a gemora that Jackie Candiotti and Sruly Meyer obviously used or at least wrote their name all over the inside cover page...

Lastly...bad news from last night... seems the bench I bought last Pesach for the kids to hang on..sit on outside died... bit the dust, fell in pieces all over the dried parched Miami lawn. Maybe they are trying to replace it.. got an IM and a text message asking me where I got that bench and how much it cost...

Zalmy going swimming with his cousin Chaim..

Oh look...there's the Oster Digital Food Steamer someone sent me.............

To Be Continued

(couldn't find the name online.. I googled it so if you are out there somewhere Pinchas... we have your siddur)


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