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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Words For The Warrior... and blessings for a New Month

Today is a New Month. Nissan. Passover ... a time when we are reminded of how we went out of Egypt and into Freedom. Of course we had to wander around a few years before we got to where we were going but we were free.

Mitzrayim is translated...the word commonly known as Egypt as not just a country but a place where we are tied down... check out some site like or Aish to get exact translation. They have people paid to do this and I have to go to work soon and do what I am paid to do... and have to time for translations today.

But.........know that when one chapter ends... it is only a short break for you to turn the page and move on to the next page.

Life happens in cycles. If you don't believe me... ask Farrah Fawcett on the cover of AOL or Jimmy Buffett who has had more comebacks than anyone... each time he gets to be himself though.. always Jimmy.

People like us are in touch with who we are... our purpose and we want to do things, faster, better, quicker or as they say down south "More Better"

Purpose driven people are not easily assuaged by trivial pursuits. And, in order to do anything in life and get anywhere you have to jump out ahead of the bunch, take chances, make mistakes, make more, keep going, jump into the water and keep moving foward towards a goal, some goal... sometimes the goal morphs and becomes a goal we didn't even know we had when we started to play the game.

Such is the game of life.

Let's talk about advertising and the power of marketing.

Yesterday I got some paper advertising rag that I flipped through fast and noticed an ice cream store opened up near by called Dots. I had some when I was in Orlando last and remembered it. Little round balls of ice cream. Good and not good but fun. Needed to talk to my brother Ronnie last night about something and instead of going to Starbucks or out for drinks. We both remembered the brochure and went over. 1/2 a cup = 190 calories. I have some chocolate fantasy with mint chocolate chip. My brother reminded me that the Oklahoma Bomber had Mint Chocolate Chip for his last meal. I didn't need to be reminded of Oklahoma.

But the point is... money spent advertising is never really money wasted if it is for a good cause (like Ice Cream) and so............ in the end I did do something outrageous yesterday. I went out late at nights for Ice Cream.. something I rarely ever do.

Wish I could solve the world's problems with a half a cup of dots but would gladly go right now with another friend if it would make him smile and am sure he and a lot of others could use smiles today.

Today starts a new month... a time... a new page in the book.

Hope that book has an exciting, upbeat ending ... reminds me of two good songs by Matisyahu.

Chop Em Down ...a song about going out of Exile and jumping into the Red Sea... long story
"Heavy hitter stepping solid never quitter jump into the ocean before it split got a jump into it"

and the other one it reminds me of is Warrior.

So to you the Warrior... I ask you please...
"Re-united, re-united return the princess to the king"
Have a happy day.. do something special for the Holiday of the New Moon and do something outrageous.

Bobbi... lyrics are not always what they seem...


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