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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Turkey Recipe.. ala Barbara & Eddie

Hi all.

This is a freebie.. for fun and to use any time you need for any purpose... cooking, writing... inspiration.

So...this is my favorite Turkey Recipe.

I found it online ... can't remember the exact screen name or I would thank her (Barbara) personally... Must be all those dead brain cells you get after a certain age or several years online :)

Soooooooooooooooooo many screen names you know???

If I remember right.. it's a nice little recipe I found on AOL years back.. Jewish Cooking Message Board..

A sweet, old, retired couple.. Barbara and Ed who live part of the year in a log cabin in an alternative universe in Vermont near the home of that person who started the the money thing.. Federal Reserve Bank.. Masons and stuff like that.. Vermont. BRRRRR cold... luckily they have a fire in the cabin going on a regular basis. Sometimes they fly south so that Eddie can play golf down in Florida on his condo off some little golf course in the Palm Beach Area. Sometimes they visit relatives in Atlanta.. a daughter I think. Something about Denmark that I don't remember... who can remember ALL the details?? So... when they aren't golfing, rolfing, snorkeling or scuba diving ...or riding around the country in their beat up but beloved Winnebago (Santa Fe is a favorite) they are home.. cooking... sipping the maple syrup and watching the weather boards.. and knitting yarmulkes and next year... they are renewing their vows... in a beautiful ceremony down in the Keys... or Redondo Beach.. doesn't matter where because they are old, sweet, in love and lucky to be together. Mazel Tov!

So nice the people you meet online and bump into late at night while looking for Turkey Recipes for Rosh Hashonah, Thanksgiving and Chanukah. That Sweet Kugel was unreal too.. it's here somewhere I'm sure but who bakes a kugel for Thanksgiving?

Recipe below.. feel free to use it anytime.. it's wonderful... adapt it if you want... go for it...

Note I .. Bobbi.. not Barbara don't truss Turkey.. when its done the leg moves easy. Duh.

And... I don't buy thermometers for anything but weather so... unless you want to stick one of those colored press on your forehead strip thermometers onto the turkey.... trust me it's done when the leg moves easily. And... as I often use bourbon, Jack Daniels or brandy.. wine.. use anything except beer unless you are a Gator then..well go for it...

Enjoy.. embrace it.. make it yours :)

Kosher Turkey Recipe

12 pound turkey
salt, pepper
3 Tablespoon pareve margarine
1/4 C honey
1/4 C maple (or flavored syrup)
2 Tablespoon Brandy (brandy.... go figure...)

1. Rinse turkey under running water. Pat dry inside and out. Season cavities with salt and pepper. Truss turkey to hold shape. Brush skin with margarine. Arrange breast side up in a roasting pan****

2. Roast at 425 for 45 minutes. Reduce heat to 375. Baste frequently with combined honey, maple syrup and brandy. Continued roasting until thermometer inserted in thickest part of thigh registers 170 about 1 1/4 hours longer (until leg moves freely and juices run clear). Cover wing tips and breasts lightly with foil when browned.

***** from BOBBI
Ignore the thermometer thing and if you want a really juicy turkey arrange it breast side down and that way the dry white meat is softer, more flavorful and it's unreal wonderful. A great radio host in LA where we used to live years ago used to tell everyone to make the turkey that way. It's up to you.. appearances or tenderness. Or.. let it cool.. carefully, haha..very carefully turn it over.. put it back in over and warm it up and serve later.. Whichever.. its a great recipe.


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