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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Quiet Day in the Library... Interesting Day in the Tropics

A friend at the hurricane center sent me out an amusing "not an April Fools Joke" email. Okay, I looked.

I'll look again.

Suppose things are developing somewhere but not here today.

Cool.. wearing black, velvet jeans and an Autumn Green long, sleeve V neck from the Gap.. sort of goes well with my dark auburn/red hair..

And, remembering to smile... have patience and thinking on what to make exactly for Thanksgiving.

As for a Thanksgiving post.. will work on that tomorrow.

Not real communicative here today but wanted to mark the time passage.

Mendy's finger seems fine though he wants an Xray if we can find a slot in his busy, social life. Oh, to be 16 again huh? Spoke to the Doctor and he said it is most likely NOT broken... just sprained. He said torn vessels.. not tendrons. Nice man... good doctor.

The beautiful kitty smells... and someone told me he has fleas. I don't know.. not in that part of the house ... watching the drama unfold.

Take care everyone.. watch tropics.. even the far Eastern Atlantic.. where things are popping.

I suppose that the eagle has landed and that was the reason for my morning email from an .. old...friend.


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