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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

One of the Sweetest Men I Have Ever Known.. Thank You

Had a smile that could light up the world... especially when he was looking at me.

Once.. he watched me cutting a pack of herbal pills apart so I could take home a few and keep a few at work. He looked concerned at me and said smiled and said , "Watch out!"

I asked, "what?" Confused. I mean I know how to use a scizzor. Really...

He said to clarify, "be careful"

I said "of what?"

He showed me that the way I was cutting the packs... well cutting around them was leaving sharp edges at the ends.. made points sort of.. He came over, took the pack and showed me what he meant. He was concerned I would throw it in my purse and jab myself with them.

I laughed, smiled... told him not to worry. Okay, thought he worried a bit too much there. Maybe he was just trying to make conversation. But, he meant it.

Can't tell you how many times I have picked up one of those packs.. looked down at it and realized he was right. The edges are sharp... almost razor sharp sometimes.

Such a sweet man. Strong, sexy, sensual, serious.. had long serious conversations but... "sweet" and I know he wouldn't think anyone would think that but me.. but it's true and saying it here.

Small things like that show character that is hard to explain otherwise. Other examples too but this isn't the time or place.

Not sure why I am posting this but I am. Feel it needs to be done here on Thanksgiving Weekend.

I was looking at a picture of his child today at work and realized how much the smile is his father's smile.. radiates. Beautiful.

Haven't talked to him in many moons... but if there was a list to be for Thanksgiving of the things that I am thankful for..

Up there with the way the sun rises and sets.. and the colors that it splashes across the sky... Up there with Sharon's friendship and my children... my children's friends and some of the really nice people I work with... up there with being happy I watched the sunrise over the Mississippi River in St. Paul one morning.. and up there with walking along Flatbush Avenue in the early morning and watching the stores open up one by one... by one.. Up there with seeing the view from the top of St. Thomas and a long cruise through the Caribbean where Leslie and I sat watching the water and talked for hours.. up there with memories of my ex-husband as a young father sitting with his son happily watching that annoying show Fraggle Rock together on the sofa and watching the same child walk his first steps... along with sitting under the palm trees in the library with Linda... knowing Jason even briefly is way high up there on the list.

A sweet man. One of the sweetest I have ever known and one of the most memorable.

What do you give thanks for today?

If I could paint a water color of the sky setting right now... a dark mauve.. turning to even darker lavendar..

I wouldn't give any thanks for being BobbiStorm because it is just a made up name... a pen name, a handle...

I wouldn't give any thanks for having riches cause... I don't.. I don't even have money for the stupid electric bill but... one way or the other it will work it's way out. As I should have pointed out to the lady at FPL .. I suddenly know how to suvive without electric .. haha.. a joke.

I would give thanks for my sense of humor that has gotten me through many dark moments where I could only laugh at the silliness of a situation ...

I hope.. one day... when God and all the stars in the heaven have fallen into the right place I hope to meet some man one day who makes me smile.. and laugh.. and excites me in ways the way Jason did... a nice hope to believe that it can and will happen again.

I hope next year I can give thanks for many things... that get added to the list...

May you all have things in your life for you to give thanks for.. whether you understand them or you don't. Whether you asked for them or you didn't. Whether you got what you were wishing for or... got something totally different. Whether you realize the gems you hold in your hand and the love around you ...or you don't... stop and think for a moment... and make a small list of all the good things that you have been blessed with this Thanksgiving.

May you all have things in your life to give thanks for..

Happy Turkey Day.. Bobbi
Smiling :)

Real happy that those pilgrams finally decided to sit down with those Indians and share this land's wonderful bounty ..


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