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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Marking the Date

Hello out there. I am just blogging to blog... to mark the date and to say I did.

Have to get dressed and out of here.. there is a lot to do today. Work and the class I am taking at the college and a lot of commuting. I hate commuting. I can't understand how anyone sits for hours on cars or buses going back and forth losing time if they don't have to do so. Sometimes, you need to.. I understand that trust me but to shlep downtown after a long day of work to take a class.. even a class I enjoy.. is not my idea of fun. So, you see.. I learned something from taking this class that I never expected to learn.

A friend of mine is having a medical procedure (not surgery hopefully) today and I hope and pray it goes well. Makes me a bit nervous but I can take comfort that it's a good hospital and well... it's not in my hands its in the doctor's hands and God's hands and they seem to both be specialists.

Everything else is fine.. A-OK. Not hunky dory ... hunky dory would be driving around Cape Elizabeth with Sharon to the light house or... in Barnes and Noble for a good cup of coffee or getting ready for breakfast at The Deli or...meeting the love of my life .. that would be good.
Where is he and why is he taking so long? That is the question.

Anything else would be just a day in the woods with lions and tigers and bears... oh my ...

Going to work.. marking the date... gonna peak a lot at TD 27 or 28 or which ever one holds the real energy to get this show on the road.


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