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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving Morning - Macy Parade & Broadway

Thanksgiving Morning :)

The air is cool.... the Macy Day Pardade is on... talked to my best friend earlier... my son is on the edge of the bed... near the TV...watching the parade. Sweet Charity that musical. One of my all time favorites.

Going to go clean a bit, cook according to a game plan I wrote up last night and enjoy the holiday.

An All American Holiday... A Rabbi in Yeshiva once told my ex-husband that there was no reason not to celebrate it. It is a day giving thanks for America.. for all we have... America that gave us religous freedom, tolderance and now even faith based initaives :) If anything it corresponds with the Jewish Holiday of Sukkos... harvest festival.. giving thanks..

So... going to give thanks... and watch the parade a bit..before I start cooking Thanksgiving the Bobbi way...

Turkey & Stuffing... white bread and challah mix...
Sweet Potato Pie or Kugel... depending on if I want a crust or just the pudding part
Mixed Vegetables (sorry I like them...)
Roasted Baby Red Potatoes and Baby Carrots and... any other fresh vegetables I have in the fridge left that someone didn't nosh on..
Cranberry Sauce
Pumpkin Pie
Maybe that pumpkin dump cake I saw the recipe for but its soooo fattening...

Cold Water
Iced Tea
2 Soda's hidden in Miriam's closet

Anything that comes along... if anyone shows up with anything.

Happy happy... for now..

it's Breakfast Blend Coffee from Starbucks and the Macy Day Parade in bed in my favorite tank top/pj bottoms from Victoria Secrets and a favorite old... purple flannel plaid shirt over it all.

Country, Southern, Jewish... watching scenes from Broadway and later.. much later... can watch football.

Thank you America... for religous freedom... tolerance and now if we could break through the boundaries of color and accept that we are indeed a colored nation... of many colors... from creamy beige to the darkest black ... we are one people.. one nation... all the same under the skin and we should have no prejudice based on labels or colors... and have total appreciation for all of the people who have made this country what it is.. one that can stop and take four days off and give thanks... or shop til you drop lol.

Chow for Now.. Bobbi


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