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Friday, November 18, 2005

GAMMA GAMMA Wherefore art thou Gamma?

The system formally known as TD 27 down in the Caribbean is pulling itself together.. faster than you can say Me and You and a Dog named Boo... or by the minute JUST BOO.

Amazing to watch after all this time of wandering and meandering and trying to find itself.. "it" has and *it* will be Gamma sometime later today.

Models take it up across Cuba and then the question is whether it affects, hits or slams into Florida of slips away silently to the South of us..

nice view of a developing storm
must be the sats are stuck on this loop.. all year they all look the same at this point..
Key West pay attention though it may have a different orientation and move 50 miles off shore to your south this time.

GFDL model slams it into Florida and then keeps it going as some big Cane.. (breathe deep if you live in florida and don't look scared.. might change next fun)

Maybe someone needs to hit reset on the GFDL? Nah..sure someone thought on that.

Know any good computer programmers to try and figure out why ever model this year looks the same.. is this life imitating art or models.. maybe if we change the model it will follow a different path.

And people think I don't have a dream world.. trust me.. I fantasize plenty. Got lost somewhere today and am still trying to find my cookie crumbs back to the real world.. got that lost look in my eye and breathing funny and trying to pretend to be awake while I try not to look like that commercial where you have fallen and can't get up. Must be an astrological aspect..

Help me, giggling.. If Sharon were here she would slap me silly.

I'm okay. Really. It's 2005... not 1984 and not anyother year on the hit parade of electronic computerized music.

All is well with my kids.. my ex-husband sounded fine and dandy last night for someone who had a long procedure done and hopefully he will rest, eat right... make major changes in his eating/lifestyle and protect his heart (grin.. never know he might read this and well... we want him to LIVE) and it's a gray, gray day in Miami... front stalled out. Oops..did I say that.

Hush my mouth..

Take care... now and forever

Isn't this pretty? putting it on the wish list for trips with Sharon


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