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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Fins Lost BAD and I mean BAD

Really bad.

So bad that whoever has to cut those boys a paycheck would probably get off on mental cruelty charges and temporary insanity ...

It's a game. I imagine Coach Saban figures he will wait for the draft, next year... start over.
I know how he feels.

One good thing... at least we can no longer beg him to put Drew in and to take Guy out... I think no one will be bugging him for that one again.

Personally, I wanted him to keep Craig who got more points on the board in the pre-season but he left him go.

Good to have options and well.. can always watch Green Bay Play... what a mess.

As for the tropics... there is a beautiful image on the visible sats of the structure, skeleton of Gamma holding on for dear life down in the tropics. Her moisture took off to the NE like the models showed and she ...he... it hung back. Insteresting strategy. Can it sit there though like that.

Meanwhile...where oh where is the cold front?

Hollishing down here wishing it would get just a drop cooler. Nice off and on breeze from the east though.

So, the season is almost over. Hurricane season that is.. not football season.

I look back amazed at how this summer played out. Shocked in ways. Amused in others. Horrified in some ways. And, the crazy way that my silly Wilma name went out with a bang. Strongest hurricane on record. There's one only SNONUT would have, could have predicted.

How do you top that?

Gamma... Delta and Episolon.. don't think so.. Epis... how do you spell the Greek E storm?

Not happening.

As for me... I don't know.

Not sure I will keep this blog going. Maybe put it on hiatus like Herman used to do with his relationships. A friend. Hiatus. Maybe.

I think right now I will do what an old friend of mine told me to do a long, long time ago and I didn't listen to him. I should have listened to him. I should have listened way, way back but I didn't. Not then and not later. He was right the first time. He was right in 97. I didn't listen. I didn't listen to him and I didn't listen to Sharon..two people with planets at same degree Capricorn. I should have known. So, think for once we will take ole Eddie's advice. About the only thing I can do at this point. One final, last connection. Take direction from Eddie. Ed.

Will see what next hurricane season brings. It's a long time away. Got a Red Sox season between the two. End of Football Season. Holidays. Birthdays. February... the year goes by in bits and pieces.

Maybe I'll start a new blog... my blog, lost in time and space where no one can find me. I can just write away under some fake name... have a few fake names I have saved but never used.

Oddly... I guess we are too much the same in that way too.. always using our names.

I learned so much this year. Tropically and topically. About life... people...

I learned a lot. for the Fins.. I love them.

Hey.. I still love my ex-husband. Shrugging shoulders. I'm that time of girl. Woman.

I love something once deeply... and I love it ... them..forever.

I'm an alumni of the Perfect Season... and that is something no one can ever take away from me.

Now and forever Bobbi
Class of '72


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