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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cold Front Arrives in Miami... Is the Hurricane Season Over?

Maybe... though a lot of people think a disturbance out in the Atlantic may become a storm. Upper Level low that works its way down into the lower levels of the atmosphere (ie surface) and that does happen a lot late in the season.

Hard to look at this Loop and not think "winter in the tropics" but well... not sure that has happened yet or hasn't. Despite the cold front. But, easy money is on no more big major, killer storms. Would have to look up statistics to see the latest major hurricane... but for now in Miami it's 62 degrees.

Meanwhile... was a beautiful sunrise. Sort of golden... sun behind the Austrailian Pine Trees and what's left of the other pines. Some tired looking oaks... imagine quite a few branches came tumbling down into people's yards here with the passage of the front. Palm tree last night made that little sound palm trees make when the fronds hi eachother and flapped in the breeze. Miami cold fronts. Hard to explain.. sort of have to be here. Or not.

Kids are okay... Miriam has a cat it seems. The most beautiful kitten I have seen in ages. She says it's Fraydee's cat but... I think they are going to fight this one out. Fraydee doesn't live here... she's not my biological daughter. One of the troop of kids who are close with my kids. The cat may end up with a split personality... am I Miriam? Am I Fraydees? Who is Tricky? Long story but for now that cat looked real content lying on Miriam last night. Small, beautiful.. kitten still... but it has big paws.... Mendy broke or sprained his finger again (same finger) at football which is not his game.. baseball is but oh well... Anyway... Need to do a bunch of things today and don't have time to take a child to the doctor who is going to look at it.. scratch his head and tell me he needs an xray and sends me over to xray lab at hospital or some place. A lost day. Part of having kids. Dr. Harvey predictably isn't in until late in the day... so not going there. Zalmy woke up and asked how cold it was.. Checked the thermometer on the window sill and told me a few minutes later that it officially works. Funny...first time all year we have checked the temperature and not the barometer.

As for me... I'm not telling. Smile. Nothing to tell and in a mood ..listening to the quivering, fluttering sound of the palm fronds.

The Hurricane heightened certain things... senses almost. Got used to the TV being off. To listening to radio. To noticing sounds. Light. Was and is amazing. My best old friend Magda lost her ceiling in parts of the house. I mean the roof leaked to the degree that would have been on roof if someone had called screaming their roof had given way. Broke in Sholom's room and the water came pouring in (yes.. I am sure my older kids will have the same reaction my younger ones did.. you are soooo mean) and then a window blew out in Shoshana's room... cabinets in the kitchen sag from water pouring through the wall. She thinks maybe a small tornado hit the street there. Four or five houses had major damage and was from the East.. not the South or SW like most people. Though they are on the edge of the field and the roof probably was not in good shape. Sharon's old block though her end seems okay. Either way... you know what her comment on the storm was? "Wasn't it fun?" She was so hyped on Shabbos when we spoke (went to Chabad for some quiet prayer time away from Young Israel) and ... she said how it was nuts. All that racing back and forth as there were problems and the sound of the wind and things hitting the house. She has to move out for a litle while.. has to have it repaired. Is dealing with it... but she can seperate in her mind the wonder and amazement and crazy part of the enjoying the storm (something happening) from the clean up. That is a rare and very honest person. Why I love her even though we don't hang around much anymore. Just... no whining or bitching she is going crazy and moving to Alaska and can't take hurricanes but able to see the wild beauty of that night.. So few people are honest on that level. Afraid to say it was "fun" or not afraid to tell me. Who knows.

So.. hope her house gets fixed soon.

Hope we all find ways of making our lives "fun" and we enjoy the small things like the golden sunrises on a cool, windy morning or something bigger and more exciting. Either way.. I found great beauty in simple things from this storm.

One memory sits with me... repeated often. Outside on the chair on the porch... watching a butterfly play peek a boo with my toes. Maybe they were attracted to the toe nail polish.. who knows? Watching the morning light through what was left of my bushes.

My rose bush by the way has come alive... has buds on every branch. It was the first plant to get leaves back. I guess the hurricane knocked some sense in it.

Son came in.. youngest. He asked me if I got the paper. Told him no. He didn't want to.. it was cold. Asked him how he was going to live in New England some day if he can't take the cold front? He said.. with a smile.. well if we lived in New England he would have clothes to wear..sweaters... Duh... He came in and did some crazy, screaming dance about Josh Beckett (his favorite Marline player) and someone else named Lowell (who he likes) are going to the Red Sox it seems... He keeps saying "we" "they" took me forever to figure out who was going where... but "WE" got Josh Beckett was the point. I'm more confused than that cat :)

Happy Almost Thanksgiving ;)

Send me some money in the lotto.. I'll actually play for a change... come on know what I am going to do with it.

Love Bobbi


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