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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Back Burner Sunday

Just a quick hello so my son or brother at least..doesn't worry where I am.

I'm here.

Blog is just back burner right now as the season winds down and debating what to do with my life.

Dolphin game on today..hoping they win...

Went out to a nice Israeli restaurant last night and relaxed... hung out. Was quiet for a change.

Cleaning up, doing things round the house.

Watching the tropics but they are a back burner thing today as not much is going on and am waiting and waiting for the predicted cold front to come down the state all the way to my neck of the woods.

Waiting.. dying to put on some jeans, winter clothes... nice to go barefoot but have this great cover from Tijuana from years back when I lived in L.A. and never get to use it unless it is winter.

So.. that is that.. feeling no strong desire to type endlessly long posts or write or convey my thoughts and depending on what goes on with the season I will probably cut back on the blogging here.. depending on my mood... thoughts.. topic as there really isn't any reason to post on the tropics unless there is something tropical going on..

Later... Bobbi
go Fins!


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