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Monday, October 10, 2005

WHERE'S WILMA?? WAITING FOR WILMA.. sitting here today.. on top of the world... just singing a song, just singing a song.

And...looking down on the world... and the only explanation that i the love that I found ever since you been around... lala lala on top of the world.

And..what do you get ...when you fall in love?

You geta little silly, silly, silly... so... forget right now about love and writers and getting it right not write and look at the world spin around on a water vapor loop.

Looking for Wilma... Want to make SNONUT happy today.

Want to make me happy today.

Well..made a whole bunch of people happy today but not sure I want to know why or what is perculating on their brains today. Too many smart funny people round here this weekend. Wondering if there is a convention in town I don't know about.

So... Where is Wilma?I'm asking that because Fred needs Wilma and Wilma needs Fred and think personally they should be back together again.

Do they have hurricanes in Bedrock?

I can't remember if they ever did that and would have to google. If I google that on my slow computer I would end up falling behind in the mail volley this morning. (They broke my mailbox..the little arm won't come up anymore. Doesn't say "you got mail" ... there is just always an email, each one doing me in deeper and deeper and giggling my way through it all.)

So... can Wilma be down there near Puerto Rico? Or... down south of Jamaica? Oh I want to take ya... What a song. Don't worry.. be happy.

Okay my brain sprained and I'm insane today.

So much to think many things to do...

Sitting here in my pale, blue towel, laptop on my lap... thoughts racing through my brain... AC humming... sunlight on the boungenvilla outside my bedroom window... like pink paper mache or is it machete? Wrong vision... Tropical palms beyond the boungenvilla... blue skies.. lala blues skies.. all I see...

Have and endless supply of music here and I've got show tunes stuck in my brain.

And, old music..

So... button up your overcoat...when the world is gray... take good care of yourself lol
And then there was the mornings IM...

and the riddle..what does maple syrup, apples and corn have in common and purple statice... one of my best friends in the whole wide world gonna send me apples, maple syrup and something about corn sticks .. a very New England package. :( worries me but hey...well... who else would ever have sent that lamp as a present.. you know? me.. or other things.. lord only knows how much of my stuff is up in New England... pondering...

I should buy some lamb today and use the maple pepper.. yum yum yum
under the yum yum tree lol so crazy today, so silly.. Waiting for Wilma

OH wait.. I remember now... I remember what today's blog was gonna be about...

I was going to blog this morning before i lost my mind and Auntie Mame found it for me lol

Names.. what is in a name?

Wilma.. well no baby boomer can think of Wilma w/o thinking of Fred......right???
Next storm up is: WILMA

Current storm is a one of the kind VINNIE which has been one of the names of my year.. a good friend. Took me a while to get used to saying the name... seeing as he isn't my cousin or anything but I have become fond of the name Vinnie. But...seriously how often does a storm threatened The Maderia Islands?? Only this year.... like Spain didn't have enough problems with all those terrorist, floods and left over junk food wrappers from the last Olympics... now we have sent them VINNIE!

And..what is in a name? Is a rose by any other name.. the same? Does it smell as sweet?
As for me I'm a carnations girl.. love carnations. Especially when they have that cinnamon sort of smell.

Talked to a friend last night. Kids asked me who it was. Told them some guy named Mel, a friend from the library. They informed me Mel is a girls name. Melanie... Melissa.... Melinda... Mel is a girls name. Duh......

The ONLY Mel they could think of that is a guy is the Gibson Guy. Not a Gibson Girl..the Gibson Guy. Gibson Goy.

Now ....isn't that funny?Because ask any baby boomer to think of a Mel and I would bet money.. and not a gambler remember... Sure Thing.. any Baby Boomer worth their weight in TV trivia would think of MEL and Buddy and Sally and Comedies Writers. But, she's not a baby boomer so to her.. Mel is a girls name. Had to show her a picture of Mel from Dick Van Dyke Show.. hmmnnnn he sort of makes Morey Amsterdam handsome.. sorry Morey but well.. there also is a quandry. One of my oldest best friends from high school..his name is Morry. My sister in law's best friend, maid of honor is Morri. We forever have to ask around here "Mommy's Morry or Roberta's Morri?"

What is in a name?

Take a name like Gale... great weather name if I may say so... not as good as Tempest but good.

Gale Storm... beautiful lady.. no relative but beautiful lady... left her mark on the world of Trivia and Entertainment. I'd it but I'm having enough problems today ... Gale a guy or is Gale a girl? You choose... you be the judge.. you don't even need experience these days ;)
Then you have the other Gale...

As for me... gonna go sing a song.. had another song in my mind today...

Daughter woke up..turned over on the bed (cuddled with me a bit) and looks at me strange.. I told her to turn over. Don't want to scare her or remind her or make her wonder too much why I'm giggling or who is coming to town ..

Santa Claus is coming to town.. he knows when you've been naughty, he knows when you've been nice.. he knows when you've been bad or good so................ gonna post those lyrics later.. let everyone else get that song stuck in your mind today.

Anyway..clearing my mind of metaphysical clutter... dangling participles and sentences that end with prepositions. And, illusions... neptunian illusions that could make you swoon... smile and be silly....

Is this the most beautiful loop you have seen in a long time? Wait a's posted down there below.. have some patience, my gosh...

Very beautiful loop Jim posted it on the main page of
.. very beautiful. He may win here.. as much as I love the Orcas Rsmas Anis site.. this is something else, beautiful color and deliniation. Hey those three words are how I find my site anywhere online. I just think... ready? Fat Whale's ... well... google it.. it works. Orcas Rsmas Anis.. and you thought those were the three words to tell the that guy in the space ship in the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still... WRONG :)

Orcas Rsmas Anis :)

But, beginning to like Jim's loop better...

Unreal great loop... sort of best of both worlds
black and white unisys.. orcas rsmas anis

Now if I could just figure out Where Wilma is.. I'd be happy.

Okay, scratch that.. I am happy.

Having a good morning. Whistling a happy tune... and no one ever knows, I'm afraid...
What am I afraid of? The result of this deception very plain to see.. that when I fool, the people I fear.. I fool myself as well... I whistle a happy tune...

Whose afraid of Virgina Woolf?
Whose afraid of the big bad Wolf?
Well.. at least I'm not afraid of the Beeman now am I?

I'm not even afraid of Superman.. Clark scares me but since I'm not living out on the plains of Kansas, Oklahoma or Ottawa..I'm safe.

Safe in my Hurricane Harbor.

Playing this morning with one of the greatest writers.. ever... ever.. ever.

Okay I'm a little prejudice

See you later... alligators, gypsies, orcas and horses that go bump and neigh in the night

Hell you click on the link... good luck
Look at all those versions.. Frank Sinatra and Cyndie Laufer?

Go figure.......................and the cowboy version..

Waiting for Wilma... I'll be back later.. maybe I'll even be sane... maybe I'll dye my hair..maybe I'll just get drunk on apple wine... Me I'll be just fine and dandy... lord it's like a hard candy Christmas... maple candy

Alexander Brandy...guy or girl... Zippity Doo Dah.. Zippity Day

musically messy and smiling and silly



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