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Monday, October 03, 2005

Tropical Tzimmes

Red Sox beat the Yankees yesterday.. on the same day that they won the wild card... but still they beat the Yankees. And, they beat them good. Sometimes I suppose it is fun to just play.. even when nothing is riding on it. And, as an ex-Angelino... I'll get to root for the Angels.

So..... in the battle of the Sox.. my sox are RED. Even got a pair in the drawer somewhere except it's Miami in October and we don't wear socks til around late November. Maybe I'll wear a hat or a tee shirt or... a red towel. Miami in the summer until the first strong front makes it down.

Tropicals are simmering with moisture everywhere to the East of the Bahamas (read Florida) and something may develop if low pressure shoes it's face ... somewhere.. out there... some time.

Some being a "vauge" term.

When you say "few" you know exactly what you are dealing with..

Did you ever notice that?

When someone says, "I'll be there in a few days" you know.. few.. two.. most three if something comes up but "few" is defined. Whereas "some" is vague, nebulous... kinda maybe, probably... don't pin me down... don't bet the house... or sell the cow or run out and buy a prom gown.

So... that being said.... Somewhere in the Tropics is a system that probably will develop sometime down the line, somewhere, someday soon.

Keep your eyes on it.. Tammy would be it's name.

As for me... I'll be off for the Jewish Holidays. So, don't expect no posts from me for a few days.
Few... two or three.

Going to family dinner tonight and making dinner here the following night. Lots of honey, apples.. orange/honey chicken, tropical tzimmes, sweet meat balls... yellow saffron rice and lots of salads of some kind or other. Making some kind of pasta salad.. not a clue what kind, some time. Bought the pasta.. colored odd shapes which I'll mix with some kind of vegetable.

And... so......I got to go..

Wish you all a very, happy, healthy Jewish New Year... may all your dreams come true and may you have someone to love you, hold you and keep your tight in their arms.


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