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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Been Hiatus for Jewish Holidays

In case of Vinnie forming.. I will be back sooner rather than later.

Just a bit busy with the Jewish New Year and trying to catch up on Message Board Wars and Message Board Information and Loops and Work and School and trying to figure out why I am capitalizing things.

I like the wave out in the Atlantic.

I like the wave down in the Carib that is hanging there, lower tonight than it was this morning. Looks like it doesn't want to go quietly into the night as just rain over Florida. Will see..

And, lastly..I mentioned on the board several times..if there was a chance that Tammy could get back in the Gulf and was read the official forecast and well... parst of Tammy are back in the Gulf. Go figure.

Complicated set up.. lots of convection.

Lots of rain in Miami.

Rosh Hashonnah went very nice... very nice.

Going to make Bourbon Chicken for Shabbos over Rice of some kind..CreoleRice probably. on a sort of hiatus waiting for Vinnie to form.

Nice name.. not as good as Wilma but... nice name.

A One Life to Live Year in the Tropics if ever there was one.. poor Marco missed his chance to be part of this group of names to remember but..well.. Marco Dane will always be remembered.

Nite... good shabbos.. unless of course Vinnie shows up tomorrow ...then I will start posting again

If any of my kids in NY are reading this... stay off the subways! Oh, smile....
Manhatten, Manhatten Beach... never as good as Redondo Beach or Long Beach.



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