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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Weather Tomorrow.. RED SOX TONIGHT

Tonight I am watching a Red Sox game.

The world can go to kit and kaboodle without me tonight. Promised my "friend" I would sit here and watch ...though think stare is more the proper word for what I do. It's on ESPN.. this is soooo cool. Liberated from staring at Yahoo Live Play screen.. The players move.. lol. Maybe if I ever get around to moving.. I'll change out of the towel and into a Redsox shirt. Or my hat.

Which hat? Thinking..smiling looking at hats.
Nah.. don't like hats.
Will put on my necklace.
A towel and a necklace :) It works!

Bet I could take a great picture for my silly friend with those hats :)

Enough of that..

Weather.. weather.. weather.. wherefore art thou weather??

Oh.. that's right.. no Shakespeare names right now.

Watching a wave in the Caribbean. Watching a wave in the Atlantic.Watching the ULL around Florida that may become a steering current agent for anything that develops.
Do you know Fenway Park is beautiful. Really, really beautiful. Can close my eyes and see it... even here in Miami.. far, far away.

Sharon deserves an award for putting up with me and more so putting up with them. She moved and she still can't get away from them. Hiding in Maine. Figures no one wants to go to

Maine lol. Well..some people you know. Rofl.

Okay.. so back to weather..

I could go on and on and on here how FEMA paid double what those berths on the unused cruise ships were worth. I mean.. that was a deal? Did they really think survivors of a flood, who have never been on a boat before would be thrilled about being on a cruiseship? What were they thinking? Carnival got twice what they normally get for an offseason, summertime, hurricane season cabin (about $599) and they don't have to spend any gas money, any entertainment fees... they made one hell of a deal.

Tell you what.. think we should fire everyone running FEMA and hire those people at Carnival that put together that deal. I mean.... you obviously don't need special skills or training to run FEMA... arabian horses.. cruise ships.

What can I say?

It's a crazy world and it keeps getting crazier.

Saw a great line true.
If you aren't pissed. You aren't paying attention.

So true with this whole fiasco which wouldn't be so funny or pathetic to watch except that we have spent a fortune, a few fortunes to prepare this country for a disaster situation and when we had one.. the arabian horses had left the barn and we ran after them fast throwing money in the wind trying to get them back into the barn.

Watching the Red Sox Game.

Got to.. you know..
well.. you don't know but I know and I got to.
win or lose.. will listen to a beautiful CD and smile later tonight


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