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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Similar Historical Tracks for Hurricane Rita.. Key West to Texas..

This is my best guess track estimate for where Hurricane Rita "might" go based on historical tracks..

Obviously the first one that comes to mind had a similar path...different start but ended up the same place.... caused real damage in Key West... moved on to Texas...

Then... 1933..figures you'd find one that year as there were so many

1966...if you start the track where inez went west after the zig zag through the straits
Links from unisys... but I found them first in a great book a friend sent me
"Tropical Cyclones of the North Atlantic Ocean, 1871-1992" always fun to look through :)

By the way... Steve Lyons and Jim Cantore work very well together on TWC. Heard he is headed out for Texas (jim) but it's been nice watching him do the weather in the studio. No one on TWC does weather like him... no one does the maps, water vapor and other loops. Steve been very on the money with Katrina and Rita.. enjoying him. Mike Seidel in Key West is cute..wondering if he is practicing his high school spanish down there.


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