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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Don't you love the way the British say that? "On Holiday."Like that's so normal.

Just say.. "I'm sorry (turn head sideways like IDIOT friend) and say "On holiday." and cut off stage fast.. like some rabbit... in some play I cant remember.

So... spent the morning listening to Camelot (original case soundtrack) and sent pics back and forth to ex-husband of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Unreal period in Broadway History. Camelot, Carousel, Sound of Music... others Can Can, Sweet Charity... Camelot. And, Jay checked in from Greece... Don Adams died. Bet deep down some wicked thought came to him that NOW he had a road clear to Agent 99. God Jay loved her. My sister in law reminded me that Monday Night is Rosh Hashonah.. family dinner, start the year over. How will the year start over.

Can't write much today.

Hurricane City talking of doing an end of the Hurricane Season get together... people always talk, been talking for years now ..haven't we? 6? 7? going on 8? Too late? Who knows, will wait.. and see.

Meanwhile.. have to go ... have to go somewhere... listening for a few minutes to Jimmy Buffett LP on music box from stalker friend.. Chalk one up for the Stalker :)

What a life... when someone begins to deceive lol bad quote

I'm so on holiday today that I am not even going to find the lyrics for "How to Handle A Woman" but I might add that it's best to just love them and try not to dress up like one.. pain in the ass to have to "go find a bathroom" don't have go all the way to China to figure that one out, duh... though bet point made when you couldn't just whip it out on the beach huh????

Just to love her.. love her.. love her.. the wave in mid-atlantic... love that way


how they shine, glimmer and gleam
buffett is such a poet


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