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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Carib Wave Developing..Aims North Instead of West

Depending on who you watch the Carib wave that has been down there for days trying to collect it's very tropical thoughts might not make the trip west "towards the Yucatan" and instead head slowly North towards Florida, the Bahamas and places north along I95. Mind you she will need to tango with Cuba first.. in theory which is all this is right now.

North up the Eastern Seaboard or recurve merrily out to seas?

Not sure...don't know.

Just know one thing.. that wave sure as hell did NOT move gently off "towards the Yucatan."

Everytime I hear the morning girl on TWC say that I expect them to drop down a back drop of the islands..maybe Fiji or seas, tropical water..waves lapping gently on the shore and a mythically looking moutain in the background.. she suddenly will become transformed .. suddenly she's out of that boring Atlanta suit and wearing a hula skirt, necklace made of hibiscus and frangipangi blossoms and she doing the hula..pointing west.. "towards the Yucatan..."

They better be careful that tropical island doesn't have a volcano that is about to blow up into their wishful faces..

Planes go in today.. maybe.. maybe.. only if the tropical maidens are doing the right dance and there is enough convection down there to make the boys at the NHC get all hot, bothered and excited.

Will see.. I say IF it develops.. goes North before it goes "west towards the yucatan."


Going to work myself.. in the very NOT dysfunctional state of Florida.

So.....who is going to point the finger at who today and...........don't you think that the boys in Washington could have rescheduled Max Mayfield's appearance for another day as there was a storm down by Florida that day? Well...we aren't Louisianna so I guess they figured we could handle it. New bumper sticker idea.. "It may not look like Paradise but we aren't Louisianna!"

Last year they made fun of Florida..this year Louisianna..

Who they making fun of next year?

Gonna blame the New Madrid Fault or San Andreas on a state being dysfunctional???
My curious mind can't wait to find out.. cuase one day... we will find out.

Shit Happens..Worst case scnearios happen..

Elections happen.. 2 years away.. be there or well...remain dysfunctional!



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