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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Drudge Coverage.. great pics...

There it is ...the much awaited pentagram in the eye.. Devil Cane. Great new satellite imagery allows us to see all the way down into the eye and see the concentric circles swirling around there in the eye. There he is.. Drudge at his finest. For all his love of politics and 1980s music (smiling) he is a weather nut.. BIG LETTERS. WEATHER NUT! Has best pictures always and whatever your politics are .. put them aside. IF you want the best pictures.. the best coverage of this unfolding disaster. Keep hitting Drudge.. his link that is.

If anyone is going to get THE picture.. he will.
local news and weather... good link to use
GRAB YOUR AX and HAMMER .. lessons learned from Hurricane Betsy.. no words.


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