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Monday, July 25, 2005

Where is my brain today? Lost looping with Franklin?

Well I mean he seems to be wandering aimlessly about pissing off weather forecasters who you get the feeling want to do him in sooner rather than later.. if they could hire a hit man.. they would. Unfortunately, life doesn't work like that and they had to deal with reports from recon that he was stronger not weaker. Haha, jokes on them huh? Well.. every season needs one.. right?

Some would say what do you expect from a mercury retrograde?
maybe he can stay out there for 3 weeks..wandering in circles

nah.. weak currents and nothing else.. and a strong high that won't let franklin go north

responsibilities and practicalities and financial obligations stop me from going south..

or I SWEAR I would grab a few thin skirts, some tank tops.. tee shirts (v neck of course), notebooks to write in and get on the first bus out of town and go all the way down ... down.. to Key West.. where I would wander and write, wander up and down Whitehead Street. Maybe go see Paula who owns great, great grandma's house.. stare up at the few remaining poincianna blossoms on the tree, breathe key west air.. look at the bougenvilla across the street.. fragrant frangipangi blossoms in all colors..

wander down through some streets i need to wander
sit curled up in a chair in the key west library, read.. read...
go over to faustos... breathe the cold air.. have some rainforest coffee from the little machine in the back that expects you to have quarters with you always..

write.. write..
oh i need to be in key west and write
and breathe
and never go home, make key west home

i dont need to see the sun go down, id rather see it come up
those wild rays that emanate eminate.. emememeante from behind the morning clouds

wonder who really killed francisco, such a beautiful man
who really killed jaime on the beach
old mysteries not forgotten
need to be resolved in my mind

wait on White Street Pier for a shower to roll in.. breeze blowing..
funnel clouds forming into waterspouts out on the water

i can send in posts from the internet cafe ...

why am i here today?

or stop along the way?

nice.. so nice

where is the man who can share that with me?
where is the storm that can take it away??

back to St. Marys.. thank you St. Marys for saving great, great grandma
so I could be here today

hello Franklin.. are you still spinning?
what are you dreaming about while you spin so fast?

you wishing you could do key west with me
or do you really want to do nantucket .. i know what you're thinking
who you are thinking about
the man from nantucket lol
he's flown away, pretending to be betsy for the day
maybe he'd like to samba or conga line with me in key west

what a crazy world.. when we practice to deceive

going to go lie down and watch/listen to a great dvd i found of Santana jamming
then who knows..

can't listen to Jimmy Buffett today or sure I would lose it and cry
about Jimmy and places I never went and the Flick and I'd zone out
far far so far away

Where is my brain today?
Lost and loopin somewhere with Franklin
watching the sun go down on another day

another day.. not living in Key West
another day away from where my heart lives
another day
another day

oye como va.. que lindo or whatever those lyrics are


At 6:19 PM, Blogger Storm Chasing Mikey said...

Nice :) Oye Coma Va - Santana Lyrics? I have never been to Key West, I need to go there someday. I could fly into West Palm where my family lives and drive down from there.

I put a link to your blog on my site today. If you know of any other H-City users blogs, send their links to me and i'll put them on my site.

Always enjoy reading your stuff :)



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