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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Weekend Round up and Emily Watch

So it was a nice day here in Miami ..far from the eye of the storm. A day to enjoy summer knowing that somewhere down the road another storm will have our name on it; we will go into hurricane madness panic mode then.

Slept late. Talked to a good friend online, touched base on many things :) Spiritually uplifting I may add.

Watched Emily. Read the paper.

Made eggs in taco wraps with plenty of veggies and taco sauce for breakfast.

Talked to other best friend up in Maine.. on the phone.

Had a Greek Salad for lunch.

Got hotter, hotter.. Emily got closer.

Sharon and I watched TWC on the phone.. both decided we love that beach they keep showing on TWC.. the sand looked beautiful, rolling waves..

Decided to kick it and get out and took youngest son Zalmy and went to a Bluegrass festival in the city park. Got ice cream. Sat high on a fake hill in the amphitheatre and listened to some good picking. Met a nice guy who is part of their group and told me cool details about old North Miami. Which is good.. like gold, I am in charge of the archives at the library.. any info is good info.

Beautiful day. Nice breeze. Strong, steady, ominous breeze out of the east..

Went to my brothers for a BBQ (ate inside in air conditioning).... the cousins played.

Watched the end of the Redsox game. :(
Really, really thought they would win it in that last inning, bases loaded.. anyway..

Came home and Emily is still chugging..wnw wnw wnw wnw wnw towards her destructive date with destiny. May she find a small beach that is not so heavily populated and may her small eye move through quickly..

Thats it... weekend in Miami almost over. Going to watch Emily online and on TV.. listen to Jim on hurricanecity and Drudge a bit and drink some nice good coffee.

Watch the wave out there twisting about in the Atlantic.. if it doesn't die.. it's trapped under the high.

Strong, steady breeze out of the East today.




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