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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sunday Afternoon.. Tstorms rumbling through...

Had a great day today. Just a good old summer day. Went with youngest son and only one home these days to see Bad News Bears. okay.. I thought Billy Bob looked cute in the advertisements on TV. Rarely go to the movies. Somehow a good summer thing to do when the heat is on. Was cute, fun.. silly and Billy Bob was cute.

Went over to the old Sunny Isles called The Newport Pier and enjoyed the breeze. Great breeze, nice pier. Old South Beach pier was the best but then.. old memories are always hard to live up to. Remember the game room that used to be here across from the pier and the movie had this reference to Redondo Beach Pier (in LA) and well.. the pier is a wonderful place to get away to on a hot summer day. When I lived in L.A. sometimes I'd take off and play hookey and go down to the Santa Monica Pier when I needed to think.. breathe.

Thunderstorms are rolling down into Miami from up there somewhere. On radar looks like a long, red, snaking line..

Watching Franklin. Not a lot to get excited about right now. Just watching, curiously. Gert going inland soon.

Somehow you get the feeling that everyone wanted to get past Franklin and Gert and move on to Harvey as if Harvey would be the real storm to worry on. Harvey just seems like it will be .. a difficult hurricane.

Anyway, the sounds of distant thunder rumbling round.. the windows are open and the house is so dark from the layers of low, rolling clouds overhead.

Going to stop worrying on Gert and Franklin and let the big guys do that for a change.

Going off... going to actually work a bit on my writing/novel. Some things I want to play with.. other things to do on a Sunday afternoon than worry on Franklin.

Going to watch the thunderstorms rolling through and enjoy the coolness of the downdrafts.

Someone text message me if you see Harvey on the horizon.



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