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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

REDSOX WON...10th inning ... 2 new invests..

Franklin is intensifying despite all odds..
ok Beven, Ok... slowly..

Three waves... two invests... models show path headed right for caribbean...wnw...

Great game.. watched end of it on yahoo live (whats a miami girl to do) with friend online, exciting, very.. steve, steven.. even steven, redsox win...

WOW they won! So cool, so hot.. hot hot hot..

Did you know I have official tee shirts? And, that tank top they sent me was a big, tall guys tank top now do you know what I look like it a shirt like that? Need a redsox bra to wear with it to show underneath... okay so I sleep it in but love the big red one with sleeves... and hats.. have 3 hats.. two they sent, one pink one i bought. hey im a girl.. am allowed a pink one. Big oversized red shirt, love it.. may sleep in it tonight.

I'm tired.

Long day... long, long day... loop de loop de loop

How many storm days are we going on NOW Dr. Gray????

some people are just so nuts these days its enticing, exciting, compelling and contagious

nite.. and think my friend is going to get his cape verde storms this year
yup, yep.. uh huh.. mr. wonderful gets his storms.. cape verde
so happy for him

yes that reporter is right, jim and i are a rare breed inded :)

nite, go sox!


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