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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

RedSox win :)

Hey... best all out thing that happened today!

Between low tolerance all day at the reference desk and less tolerance in the children's room. Why do mothers think that a 17 month old, baby wants to sit in the library and watch the mother try and play supermommy and read fairy tales while the child/baby wants to go to sleep for an afternoon nap. I had kids. Lots of kids. I wouldn't subject people to that sort of non-stop crying from a baby who is not ready to sit in a library. If you want to make your child literate at that age .. do it in your own backyard.. den, porch.. anywhere but in public. Then I went across the street to the chinese restaurant to try and stay on my diet (i did) and some mother was there, big..enourmous mother smoking outside while her friend tried to control her very enourmous and loud little children. And, I thought.. Leah Adler was soooo smart when she did that thing in the Milky Way. "No, I'm sorry. We don't have any high chairs. You could get a babysitter next time." Oh you go Leah.. really. So, smart. I mean we are not talking a fast food place, and when the kids get wild you take the food home and tell them they can't go out unless they behave. Ever see Cat On A Hot Tin Roof? Second time today I thought of that movie.. Well, these children were the empitomy of no-neck monsters.

So much for trying to relax.

Found something online that bothered me. Upset me.. I never learn. Never, ever, never learn. Cannot stop typing in the stupid name into a search when searching for someone something. How many times can you be hit in the head with the same thought "No, Bobbi.. don't do it!" No words.

Wanted some rain. Got hit on the head by a few rain drops. One little cloud over me.. on my way to the chinese restaurant. Tomorrow I'll hide better at the Argentinian place. If I go. Oh, I'll go. Not ready to run away yet. soon..

Anyway.. made it through my day. The one who isn't you know who made me smile and asked me twice if I was okay, called me "beautiful" and told me to watch those waves out there.. even though Franklin is going away they might be a problem. Smile. Grin. Such simple pleasures in life. Don't understand it. Don't want to know but know he's alive.. which is damn nice lol and floats my boat. Me and My Shadow, not alone and not feeling blue. Sort of like a southern, gothic plotline there but well.. shhhh.

Then I left. I went home early. Just a bit early. Got in bed, watched the Redsox game. All by myself. God I love the Redsox. Someone, somewhere is chuckling their head off.. but it's true. They won. They have to drag it out to that last minute, the drama.. the pain.. the worry..they praying.. the impossible to protect your heart cause your heart is in your stomach somewhere ..where it's not supposed to be.

Miami drama... Arthur Teele.. a city commissioner of sorts and local political figure walked into the lobby of the Miami Herald, forever assuring himself a place in the trivial hall of fame in this banana republic called Miami and shot himself in the head. Worked his way up through the ranks over the years and in the last few years has been involved in sketchy sort of maybe illegal, maybe not, maybe just the way things work in a city like this... problem. Lost his temper with a cop, it was seen on TV. Lost his temper with the reporters. Heard people already bitching its a racial thing. God, do I hate people who play the race card (or religion) card on everything. He was a powerful, important man and running in circles where things happen and when your life starts to fall apart sometimes you don't have the best coping skills. And, truth is.. the man did it his way. Brought the story to the Herald. Didn't want to spend his life in jail. Didn't want to have people forever talking about possible convictions and his fall from the dizzying heights of the often corrupt city council and commission so he took his life and his fame in his own hands and now he will forever be remembered as the man who walked into the Herald Building and killed himself. Years from now, tour guides will walk past the spot where he chose to take his life and talk about how he killed himself right *THERE* and he will be remembered as a black activist in a time in Miami when there were few politically important blacks. A vietnam vet. A man who loved his wife. Worked and fought for his community. May or may not have done some improper things.. who knew a politician do something improper? he had simply lost control of his ability to control life the way he wanted so he chose to control his death. Bottom line. That is the truth. Should email Jay in Greece, he'd be interested.

Life isn't about being black or white or shades of red or gray. It's not about being from Venus or Mars..God I HATE that book. Remember looking through it in Sharon's car years back and thinking "ewwww this is so stupid." Have known more boyfriends who cried through sad movies than I ever did. I think men and women are different in one or two ways. And, seems no matter how much the world tries to argue otherwise.. size does matter somewhere to someone. I have breasts. They have a penis. Women think about sex almost as often as men. Takes longer for us to go the bathroom and look through our purse or we'd be thinking about it the same time. And, if I forget for a minute..there is always the mid-day text message to remind me. lol. Not all men love football, not all women hate it. As for religion.. most people think theirs is best. Believe Native American traditions though teach the belief of respecting other people's traditions. Probably because most white men never did respect theirs when they got to this side of the Atlantic. Either way.. you would think we would respect the culture and legends of the people who were here first. But, well.. Americans are so ethnocentric. God Love Them!!! lol

In a mood.

What can I say?

Watched about 5 minute of the end of Smallville when Chloe says to Clark something about Hurricane Lucy and jokes about geeks and stalkers. Stared. No words. He really does look so much like clark with those brooding, puppy dog, playful eyes was enough to make me want to cry the second time today about same two stupid people.

But.. watched the Tropical Update, pushed Clark from the recesses of my brain (let him go argue with the snowqueen) and thought on how Lyons was suggesting that the next organized Atlantic storms will threaten the Florida Peninsular.

I was going to go to Key West on Sunday. Got news for you. May go come hell or high water .. I don't care.

So... that is what occupies my brain while waiting for one of those waves to pop. Have to focus on them...Clark made me promise. Okay, maybe he didn't stay around long enough but asked me to watch them. I am watching them. I hate him. I can watch and hate at the same time.

I'm very sleepy now. I'm going to go to bed.

I love Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. One of the best plays ever written. Ever. Honest look inside the mind and souls of men/women and what makes us all tick. Brick, great name. Cat, even better. No neck monsters... what a line. What a mind that man had.

As for the whole dialect discussion. Tell the lost, lonely linquist he can go cuddle up with the snow queen in his ice palace and stop playing with Lois's mind. Lex is the one obsessed with weather. Think about it. All those plots about controlling weather. The only one who really understood if you could control weather you could control your economy, your future.. everything. It's all about weather.

Red Sox won! We win! Going to go to bed.

Let the SuperKay family try and control the world. Somewhere they will have to deal with Lex. Reverand Ron can try and pray for their souls. Lord knows someone should.

I'm too tired.

I'll watch the waves. I'll blow hard.
You pray for everyone's soul.

Love Bobbi.. Lois.. Amy.. whoever you want me to be tonight.


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