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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

One of those days..........

Can't seem to function. Franklin is boring... sort of cute in an annoying way (got to give it to him, hangs in) but boring.

Seeing a beautiful, razor thin cold front slide eastward.

I miss my old boss/friend Zee who isn't here anymore.

Hazy outside but is that dust or just clouds?

3 Waves in the Tropics.. beautiful waves. Models show them making it across the ocean, or at least one or two.

I need a new bra.. hate trying on bras.. can't buy them without trying them on.

Restless. Would go away tomorrow with my youngest but he has some big trip in Camp that is BIG. Today he is at Dolphin Training Camp. :( wish I was there.. Like the new barefoot Ricky Williams.

Anyway, meandering my way through the day. This is the best I can do to muster a post.

Sorry... just one of those days.

Need to get away, sooner rather than later.



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