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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

New Model's show some formation possible from AFRICAN WAVE TRAIN

yup... so true. mind you they are not the most popular models but i think a trend is starting. even in the better ones (means the ones accurate this last month or so) you can see systems riding up along the bottom of the high.

also.... watch the tail of Franklin, sort of like a bad sequel messy atlantic systems have been known to spawn messier ones down at the bottom of their tail... that tail is getting better and more pronounced as Franklin begins to fall apart, which is wierd... should be the other way around. tail could turn into a trof, storms form at the end of trofs..

model shows development of waves...

This looks interesting

From's message board... a great, really great post by Doorman.

Note my comments below... great post, giving credit with credit is due (think he watches me on a webcam or something, how would he know that??)

Posted by Doorman on 7/26/2005, 3:13 pm
User logged in as: Doorman

Just for fun Quiz......
1- Do you enjoy listening to the computer generated voice of the NOAA radio weather station?

2-Off the top of your head
can you name 5 or more the
forecasters on TWC?
(first and last names)

3-Know what the word Diurnal means?

4-have more than (4) links to weather sites
in your Favorites list?

5-Looked at a Satellite picture of Africa
in the past 5 days?

6- Feel down in the dumps, when there is
no action in the Atlantic or Carribean??

7-if you see or hear the word Galveston
or the year 1938 you imeadiatley think

8- Saved a weather picture for your
Desktop or Screen saver?

9-Let yourself get soaking wet (on purpose)
in a rainstorm?

10-Upset if you have trouble getting online to visit your friends at
Hurricane City?

WARNING: No score for this test
if you are reading this;
Congratulations my friend

*excuse typos*

Bobbi's response here... yes I love the weather radio, calms me. Know the name of almost all of the forecasters though some evil weather man superhero round here made me mess up Avila's name.. I keep thinking it's Lex for some reason lol. Shhh.

Did forget the 38 one but will have to try and remember.. it almost took Rhode Island out, sort of a Dream Cane for me :P

Anyway... I always play in the rain. Sometimes I dance...sort of move my arms out, spin a bit and well.. it is a simple enough joy that hurts no one else (right?) I feel down in the dumps when no one is posting.. been a great season of posts this year. Last night I started to lose it.. was quiet, stupid, nothing going long can we dissect Franklin but luckily a weather friend of mine called me up and we talked and well.. felt much better ;) hot summer nights indeed

summer, in the city...

anyways... that's about it for now.. rained earlier, waiting to see if the dust in the atmosphere tonight brings sunsets nice enough to take photos or just wait until tomorrow


Note to Bobbi.. read this later, send to Chayale :)


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