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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lift Off.. beautiful. Franklin who?

Beautiful lift off of the space shuttle this morning.

Put everything else on hold, fiddled with some things in my room. Listened to Los Lonely Boys or whatever they are called.. like them. Watched the space shuttle take off. Beautiful.

A child of the 60s who never gets used to watching them fly into the sky.

Talked to a friend this morning. Nice coversation, inspirational. Well, a few friends.

Daughter called in from some park.. away at camp and found a cell phone. Had another daughter find phones in Poland last year easier than they are letting those campers call home.

Warm day.
Franklin going away?
Hmmmmnnnn who knows.

Might try and take pics tonight of the sunset.. might go away.
Never know.

In a spontaneously combustible mood these days.. so hang on

ps.. oh a new invest is up on the NRL site.. a bit high but's out there coughing from the dust but still headed west north west.. worth watching.


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