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Sunday, July 17, 2005

HurricaneCity Live On The Air... great job, amazing

Jim Williams is doing a live broadcast tonight from as he usually does but may I add he gets better and better with time. Like a good weather wine.

Seriously... anyone who happens to come across this lost little message board tonight should tune in

He has researched it carefully, has images he is broadcasting to show exactly where the storm is making landfall. Live animated radar off and on with other images.

He spoke a long time with someone in Ft. Lauderdale who has lived and worked in the area affected. Gives all an excellent mental image and lesson in the culture, geography and economics of the area where Emily is moving onshore.

He is monitoring the networks coverage to give updates.

Reading emails people who are part of the network an dgiving great details..

As someone said.. the song of the wind is ... beautiful.

Even in the darkest moments of Andrew when I thought there was water several feet deep downstairs.. and the house on Miami Beach was being buffetted by strong squalls.. you could feel the house shuttering.. floor boards vibtrating as we lay upstairs in a protected alcove.. listening to the song of the wind. No matter how scared, how worried I was or how amazed.. the song of the wind is the most amazingly beautiful sound for those of us who love weather and nature.

You hear the sound.. you have a moment of fear and then.. awe.. savoring the sounds it makes because it only makes it off and on while the bands march through.

Storm chasers are phoning in Jim Edds is in the area.. friend of Jim Leonard. A whole network of weather people we know and respect.

A great ongoing drama, live on the internet...

In my life .. my own dramas..

Sat listening to Drudge for a bit talking about Disney's 50th birthday and I was remembering when my ex-husband and I went to the 30th Birthday Celebration. Let me put this better... my fun loving, disney crazy ex-husband dragged my very pregnant ass down to Disney world from West L.A. and kept asking me if I was sure I didn't want to stay there and have the baby at Kaiser Permanente in Bellflower. Was an ongoing joke... the night Esther Shayna was born we were in Disney with out of town relatives, I was overdue (we were 20 minutes from the house, we lived in Long Beach then) and all through Disney I kept going to the bathroom every ten minutes or so, relatives asking if I was okay and me clueless and not wanting to deal with labor kept saying "yes, fine" until Aunt Mitzi decided she was not buying that. Remember asking on the monorail "what time is it?" and then when I asked again my ex-husband Eliezer smiled and said with a knowing grin, "about 10 minutes since you asked last." I was like "yes I am fine" Got back to Long Beach, arranged for the oldest baby to stay with someone and went to Bellflower "just in case" and she slipped out a few hours later. So... think he was hoping to save a trip back to West Hollywood just in case.

Disney's 30th Birthday Celebration was UNREAL fun. So much fun. There were fireworks, singing, friends.. Hal and Shawn were there all day. Sat around on Main Street near the castle watching the party. I'm sure it was hot. Hey, when I was 9 months pregnant it was hot in December :) But, usually had all these leo babies.

The Leo Ex and I were on the phone tonight.. he had a caberet, one man show tonight at "Dont Tell Mammas" and he gave me a blow by blow.

For those of you wondering about the baby born 20 years ago.. He hung in there and waited til August 7th and like the good little leo he is he waited to be born at Kaiser-Hollywood. He tells his friends proudly he was born on Sunset Boulevard. And, so he was..

So.. today is July 17th.

All day that has bugged me.. ate at me. Kept thinking it's Morry's birthday tomorrow.. July 18th.

Not Bastille Day.

Tonight cleaning out my things I found an old note from an online friend. Have looked at that note over and over ..over the years. I keep it with some old pictures and the hurricane tracking map they sent me. The first thing I ever got offline from an online friend. Dated, as always. 7/16 or 7/17.. that was the date that kept getting stuck in my mind.. Well, Steve was wrong.. 1997 turned out to be the slowest hurricane season in modern history :) Great map, great note.. as my daughter Dina used to say.. great handwriting :)

Oh..well.. oh what a night.. sweet september back in 63.. is that the song? Can't remember..

Have had a lot of presents since but that one for some reason always meant so much. Just a note. Just a map. Just a smile.

Reaching out across the miles.

Wonder if anyone else was there for that Disney 30th Birthday Celebration.

Tonight in Cozumel no one is celebrating.. they are praying they don't get the full bront of Emily's fury.

Lastly, in leaving.. may I say I truly can sit and listen to Jim talk forever :)

Really. There is a fortune cookie somewhere smashed to smithereens to prove it lol.

If anyone doesn't know.. Jim is Virgo. He is very detailed oriented. He is one of those few people without a massive ego who can say before the season starts.. an area on the Yucatan will get hit and when the storm comes in just a tad bit north of there he honestly admits he blew it with his far.

Well Jim, no you didn't blow it. You did a damn good job. Damn good as on the money as most people will ever get.

The song goes When You Wish Upon A Star... Jim is a weather dreamer. He lives, breathes and dreams weather. My ex-husband, my friend.. dreams of making it on Broadway one day.. who knows.. I used to sit on my porch and make wishes on stars at 17. I sat there on that porch in Westchester, Southwest Miami ...staring north at a star that hung low over the horizon. It was north of me.. where the love of my life was.. and I wished and wished and wished upon the star that he heard my wishes.

I'm still the same young, beautiful girl, older and wiser and maturely beautiful sitting at night staring up at stars wishing the same wish.

To all my friends in my life who I hold so dear from weather chasers to my ex-husband ... to you know who.. may I hope once more, again and forever.. may all your dreams come true.



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