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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Franklin fixin to fly south? Forecast track has problems...

Crazy but true... something is going on with Franklin that wasn't in the immediate forecast.

So..the center of Franklin...the center mind you... is suddenly going south in many frames. What blows me away on this is everyone had the center dying out or zooming off and a new center doing this.. not the whole storm.

If you look at any water vapor you'll see heavy strong high pressure pushing down above the storm (which is why so many people saw him going south of forecast) and unless that changes I don't see it going out to sea so fast. Someone, somewhere may really have to deal with this on the East Coast.

Could just be looping and turn back again soon but think that high is building in.

Also.. since he has tumbled south.. he seems to be picking up speed and moving faster than he did all day.

What will the big guys say at 11? Should be interesting. Models are beginning to show the much talked about loop that people also known as wishcasters were calling for...

Wishcasting by the way ...goes both ways.

As for me... having some major power problem in the area. A major transformer line went down earlier and a FPL guy with a flashlight looking up at my pole says they are going to shut us down soon to fix the line "down the street." Mind you the only reason I am up is because our power went off, scared the younger boy who acted cool but wanted me to light some candles (i did, tea lights in nice safe pretty bases) and am half asleep.

Not dreaming this loop though.. or movement.

Made some fast chicken fajita sort of dinner for him. Found my battery radio and going off. Not sure the FPL guy was just playing with me or we really are going to be w/o power.. will know soon.

Nice day, crazy end... water was real smooth at the beach. Son asked me if we could come back if there is a storm. Seems he doesn't realize that's where I usually go to take photos of storm surge and storms passing by late at night. Best shot I had from Floyd I took there... rarely go when the weather is calm.

Anyway, still half asleep. Lot's to do tomorrow. New week..starting all over again in a few hours.

Time will tell what Franklin really has in mind.

What do any of us really have in mind?



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