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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Emily Graduates.. becomes a HURRICANE

Hits the big time.

Of course they had to send the Recon in to see exactly what was happening with her.

After a long drawn out 11pm Dropsonde Discussion which takes my mind places I can't share online. Gosh I love those dropsondes... they decided that Emily was indeed a Hurricane. She relocated north under the stronger area of weather (just a drop) and is now long last...............wnw.

I know you are going to miss those "wnw in the next 24 hour" tag lines but hey this was really an adjustment more than movement so hang in there.. no way of knowing she isn't going North or NW or... even finally WNW.

Anyone here get the impression Emily is high maintenance?

The gang at the Ok Corral... Weather Jocks R US :) are fast and furiously typing. Some on multiple computers..some from Lord only knows where. I needed to breathe. So, I'm here.

Confessing.. Listened to Evita all night :)

Great soundtrack for feisty little girls to decide they will do what ever the heck they want and Emily did...

Then I put on Bill Miller.. unreal, gets to me.

So...that's it.

Going to fix my hair, check my make up.. put on my dancing shoes and go back to Hurr City one last night tonight to see what the Weather Jocks and Gals think.

See.. its so silly to think weather people are nerds...nooooo

A little secret... got
surfers, lots of those
sailors.. sailboats especially
water polo
did i say golf??

athletes who love to DO things outdoors.. and need to watch the weather

somewhere along the line.. got chasers

and... honestly if we were a bunch of couch potatoes why would be watching the weather?? we'd be sitting inside in AC or heat and not caring about what it's like outside

we are the people who like to go outside
stand in the rain
RV across America in a Winnegbago with wireless laptops
Sail down to the Hurricane Hole to hide out during the season...
(anyone read Embarrassment of Mangoes? great book)

Shhhhhh don't tell... got a bunch of sexy weather jocks and babes in


listening to Miller.. going to bed

tidbits from the lyrics
not in order or together, just a drop of the poetic beauty and love of weather and nature evident in his CD Ghostdance

you do know Native Americans do like being outdoors when they can
like Willie Nelson... singing about Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain

Nite everyone ... Happy Hurricane Days ...busting Dr. Grays forecast open this year


where are we going
to a ghost dance in the snow
i am a mighty warrior
and im finally
coming home

no where to run
no where to turn
fires of rage begin to burn
he cant home and he can't go on

i dont claim to have all the answers
but i have my share of questions

theres a bridge that leads to the other side

and everyone will have a tale to tell

going to quench my thirst when i drink from that well

if i dont follow blind
it doesnt mean i haven't lost my way
because im still on my journey
headed down the road less traveled
I know we are all going to get there
in our time and way

great song... music so looose..soooo mellow

while playing online in hurricanecity with weather jocks :)

could really let loose and dance to this

blow on blessing wind
the rich man owns rivers of gold
dont know what its worth
the meek and the purists of heart
will inherit the earth
blow on blessing wind
blow on blessing wind

rolling with the thunder
waiting for the rain....

the sun is gonna rise
the sun is gonna rise
the sun is gonna rise again
(beautiful music)


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