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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Emily Aims For The Yucatan..

The whole of the Yucatan and their beautiful coastal resorts are under the gun this morning as I write this..

You can watch along as the weather begins to change from this web link:

Doesn't show what direction the barometer is going in but trust me will only be going down ...not up, anytime soon.

Can see wind speed, direction...etc.

Don't know what to say except its going to be a long day of preparation and anticipation of the final realization of where exactly that small, intense eye wall comes onshore and where and what it destroys.

Category Four.. devastating conditions will occur somewhere along the path of that landfall.. imminent and unavoidable.

Back at the ranch in Miami...

My laptop died a sudden and unexpected death last week when I left in the middle of a Redsox game to go out to dinner and get some fresh air.

I'm hoping the really great computer tech I use can resurrect it. He has in the past. He is good. This may be beyond his control but you never know. Either way that laptop has been a pain in the ass in ways and always has issues. Will figure it out later in the week. Not going to cry over it. Stuff happens. I mean the REdsox lost too you know? Bad..then they came back the next day and won 17-0. Just shows how if you have faith, always need faith when you are a Redsox fan ... they will come through in the end. Either way they are wonderful to love.

Dinner by the way was unreal. Some surprise there.. a little Italian restaurant where I got Spinach Ravioli, freshly made... cheese inside, and a sauce that had fresh peas, fresh mushrooms, capers, garlic, the most softest artichoke hearts I ever tasted and a bit of cheese on top. Unreal.. so was the garlic bread. So, that was nice and I really needed to get outside the confines of my bedroom and the reference desk.

Even though I love beyond words watching the games with my friend online.

Sometimes you need to get out.

I have been working nonstop around the clock at the library trying to pay for summer expenses for the children. Day camp, Sleep Away Camp.. air fare to sleep away camp, etc... and summer expenses are always high... food is higher, AC is ridiculously high and things break in the house.. etc.. just summertime expenses.

And, covering for everyone else who is on vacation even though for a few reasons I have not been able to go away on vacation myself. Want to soooo bad.

Worried my vacation destination will get blown off the map before I can get down there.

Would like on my wish list too do to:
Tampa Bay (redsox game)
Jax through Savannah area... Kiawah maybe if I am a forgiving soul
Oklahoma. Really.
Vegas... two old best friends live there, not to gamble.

So... well.. will see if I manage to even get away at all anytime soon.

House is okay. Kids are okay. Another child leaving for New York this week, though he paid for his trip. Still, house will be much, much quieter for a almost two weeks.

As for the tropics what can I say?

I'll say this..

If that wave out in the mid-Atlantic.. NE of PR and East of South Florida manages to survive its tumble with the high and diving winds... it will thrive and aim back at South Florida. Knew that before the models showed it looping.. they showed it trapped and caught there dying in the mid-Atlantic. Newer models show it is looping, trapped, caught in the crosswinds.

IF.. and it's a big IF.. it does make it.. it will come back to haunt us and surprise everyone who was looking the wrong way down to the SW and didn't realize it was lurking like an online wanna be poster out in the Atlantic.. caught in the flow.

Ponder this while watching Emily aim her gusto at the Yucatan:

Oh..and think strong high.. if it gets underneath.. its trapped..
which way would a revived wave gone Hurricane go I wonder?


lastly... remember to Keep the Faith :)
and hope the Redsox win tonight.

Course I won't be able to lie in bed with my friend online watching because said laptop is at the shop where the little techie is trying to figure out what is wrong with it.

"Oh well..." as Daddy used to say..

Love you <3


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