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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hispanola, again...

Seems like this season is an instant replay of last season as once again we have a west bound tropical wave caught a bit too close to Haiti and being ventilated by an upper level low to its west. Early in the season.

Already had an Ivan replay with Arlene. As close as close gets in June. Not too soon this year.

Now mind you (as pointed out online by someone on ... the plots... follow the dotted line (NHC line) are based upon the presumption that there is a low in there, a center.

Sort of a big make believe game. A crap shoot meteorologically speaking and the NHC will err on the side of Climo on this one. Climo takes it wnw...

Time will tell as Jimmy Buffett says and every weather person out there says..

Will see.

We will see tomorrow.

Was going to write some long post today but I decided against it.

Possibly even thinking every reply .................that could be made and thought better on it :)

Well, let it just go at that :)



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