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Friday, June 24, 2005

Anal or Anis or Hurricanes or Anouists, Freaky Friday

Hi there. To all my friends and enemies :)

Nah.. don't got no enemies. Even Rob Boy loves me today.. somewhere. Sorry bout that little comment, no hard feelings Rob. Hey hey.. San Antonio won the game. Maybe some year soon the Lakers will be winners again. Someday.

The good news is...the Red Sox are winning :) Home teams wins .. home boys?
Anyway... enjoy the idiots and the madness..
My son checked out the new book by Johnny Damon so he'll read it and I'll look through it for pictures. Teasing.. yes, I will read it. And, yes yes yes as always my forever friend is right.. he does look a bit like young Kurt Russell.

Next... the sun is shining. Won't last long. Clouds are climbing.
Skies will be darkening. Clouds will be colliding. Next will be thundering.
Miami in June.. summering.


Hurricanecity is doing what we do in the city during the slow part of the season.
Simmering and BSing.

Looked around some of the boards. Always updating changing formats. Same old gang, here and there and everywhere looking for something to talk about.

I don't see how a tropical wave out about 40 could do anything but crash into South America. I mean I see the wave but... I also see a big high pressing down, pushing everything on the ITCZ bout there down.. upon the mouth of the Amazon. Maybe it will lift quick? Who knows. Will see. Keep watching.

Meanwhile down in the basin...lots of color..orca/rsmas/anis of my favorites
look at all that color

Somewhere, someone I know is trying to convince himself that the weather in the ULL off the coast of Florida could wrap and work its way down to the surface.

Probably because he can't quite yet believe in what he really wants to believe in.. no.. not bad things happening to the Bee Man.. nah... the Cape Verde Waves. Too early to be a believer. Just sort of watching them out of the corner of his beedy little eyes.. shhh did i say that?

Wondering on what Bastardi is talking about but not enough to sign up yet, not really the season.. waiting for the football drama to kick in and see his college pics and read his thoughts on the CV waves.. Curious... not going to look. Nope. He can chow for now without me.

And, on another front.. far far away, over the ocean and across the sea someone working with Anousim or Anouists is making me laugh today. As always. But, more seriously this is not about Anouk Aimee or any old Amy.. its about Anousim, not Iniki tribesmen.. (come Jay ..stick with me here. I know I lost you somewhere. You are off drifting down 87th Avenue back in 33155).. Hey with me here? this makes for great reading if anyone is interested in Jews and the Cape Verde Islands. One of the first hiding places and jumping off places to the New World to escape the Inquisition. Canaries and Cape Verdes.. and then on to Cuba for so many who have returned to their heritage and roots.

What a world. Genetic testing of the maternal lineage.
Isn't it great to be living in 2005?

As for Friday.. its a freaky sort of friday, good vibes, good times.. summertime and the living is easy.

Shabbos Menu..
Challah, round
Gefilte Fish Log
Morrocan Carrot Salad
Cole Slaw

Chicken and Rice, not yellow..not this week.
Baby Carrots

Maybe I'll make banana cake.. will see.

Good Shabbos.. Have a great day!
Sorry Steven on dissing Rob, know how protective you are of him.. and everyone else.

Love Wednesday ;)
hey the trip Oscar Weekend was better than any old tee shirt any old day :)

Stay safe, be happy.. smile.. Musing.. Bobbi
sort of singing to myself its only a paper moon, hanging over a cardboard sea
but it wouldn't be make believe if you believed in me..
poor old Billy Rose. Great songs.. really.

oh and lastly.. no I didn't leave yet.. this is my harbor remember, no winnebagos allowed

I met this really nice man today on the bus. Nice guy. And, guess what he talked a blue streak about?? Weather. Tsunamis. Discovery Channel and National Geographic. And, he even watches.. (ready for this Marc?) The Weather Channel. Isn't it amazing how many people there are out there watching, reading and loving Mother Earth and it's various Earth Sciences? Weather lovers think they are alone.. but they are not. They are everywhere. Not just for playing golf or for fishing but for the love of the amazing things that happen when clouds collide and go bump in the night.. or the rains down in Africa. Bet he watches Twister ;)
Go figure. Hey Yaffah.. his name was Edward. Just like your brother ;)

Now I'm going .. fast... chow for now Bobbi
not Amy


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