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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

African Safari

Look at that there beautiful wave :)

Color, shape... even has those little eyes thing going on that real trackers know what I'm talking about. Trackers.. Meteorologists.. amateur or professional. We recognize the eyes of a Cane when we see it. Not talking about trolling geologists waiting for the next big Quake. Talking about real meteorologists.

Know who they are?
Big guys like Beven. My good Friend Howie who owes me something. I should remind him :) Ghosts of John Hope. Jim Williams of HurricaneCity.. my city of choice. SNONUT (big smile) ...where is SNONUT???... My partner in crime in Pt. St. Lucie.

Jim Cantore
Joe Bastori
Dr. Landsea

All rhyming away in the breeze.

Dr. Gray, if I may..
Weaver the Weatherman
Dr. George from Old LA

We all have our favorite weatherman.. or girl.

Weather is sexy.
When was the last time you knew the name of a geologist???

Not even the New Madrid Fault is not as well known as the San Andreas even though more people should probably worry on it.

But this is the land of the ocean... the blue seas and deep blue skies
Clouds clustered together way across the ocean...
Cape Verde Islands ...
Puerto Rico or Bust

Weather is sexy.
Sure ESPN is fun to look at but... every sport is a winner
Killing time, wasting time..
Watching men of all colors jump high
Football fever coming soon.. guys in pantaloons..
I'm watching, every year.. every summer.. fall season fever football madness
And.............last but not least.. the redsox.. lost last night :(
Watched it on a 30 second ticker on yahoo.. pathetically watching it update

So..........back to the weather.
Bret is gone.. or pushing into Mexico... way down, deep below
Oh oh oh oh Mexico...

Anyway, digressing..
Hey Jay? Back from the lecture tour? Welcome back, kiss the cable and light me a candle and say a prayer for St. Barbara.

So... Bret bit the dust in Mexico.

Where's Charley?
Great movie... oh yes, stupid idiot liked the great movie.
Well.. let it go.. like Mexico.

Take a look at the Atlantic there... there is color..
Where there is smoke there is fire.. except in dreams.. lots of smoke out there.

Saharan Dust too.. drying out those beautiful waves.
By the time you click on those links they will be gone.
Eaten by the Dust Monsters... hope they enjoyed it
Their time on the scene... on the sats... on the boards.

I wanted to go to Key West yesterday in the worst way.. just couldn't run away.
Needed to stay here.. had to... didn't want to...
Wanted to wake up in Key West...smell the air, walk over to the water
Stand there round South Beach or at the end of Duval and stare out at the beauty
Nothing like a Key West sunrise...
Rays of the Sun breaking out from behind tropical clouds...
Like messages from God.. magestically shining on the water below
Sandpipers dancing at the waters edge, running in and out of holes in the sand
Rocks.. wind, waves.. a passing shower..
Cuban coffee in one hand
Salt spray on your face
Memories of Havana and a ghostly ferry that used to cross the road

How many times did my great, great grandparents make that trip?
To Cuba .. to buy seed tobacco or real tobacco
To do what down there?
To find a Rabbi to come across the water for services at the end of the Road

I have a map in my house that needs to be looked at...
Has Florida on one side... shows where you catch the seaplane or the ferry to Havana
Has a map of the island.. Varadero Beach..

One of these waves... one of these days.. will come across from Africa
draw a beeline for Havana... and ruffle the feathers of the once great Cuban Friar who studied weather.. Infamous in his time.

So.. instead of touching base, walking the streets of Caroline Street
or Simonton.. on Whitehead where I used to walk in generations ago
Under the red, red poincianna tree.. waiting for men to come home from Havana

Fleming.. oh Fleming
I love Fleming

The library..Faustos.. oh oh oh Faustos..
all the way in the back.. Rainforest Green Mountain Coffee
oh oh Faustos..

So.. did the next best thing.
A girls got to do..what a girls got to do.

And, slept while Bret
danced in Mexico
Wonder in Tarot who is the Prince of Tides or the Prince of Weather
This little princess is signing off...
Thank you my partner in crime for the music that rocks my soul
All the way back down Useless US1 to the Flick
From the the end of the road..

song for the day :)
JIMMY BUFFETT lyrics - "Prince Of Tides"
African drums are silent and the Wingos
are poets at last
Out on Dafuskie Island, the bulldozers
bury the past
And the low country sinks, she cannot swim
the dogwood feels the hurt
While the foursome plays on borrowed days in
their alligator shirts

Now I realize who killed the Prince of Tides
How can you tell how it used to be
When there's nothing left to see

One night they put a price on the sunset and that
got the whole earth shakin'
Those rose from the grave both the weak and the brave
'cause history was there for the makin'
And the winos surrounded the condos forming
a frail human fence
And they shouted out loud to the roar of the crowd
"Same old story, more dollars than sense"

Now I realize who killed the Prince of Tides
How can you tell how it used to be
When there's nothing left to see
Paperback novels make young girls dream and
Judy's spending quieter days in the stream
With Giovinno, Goodman, Phil and Mac D, they were
such good friends to me

Now I realize who killed the Prince of Tides
How can you tell how it used to be
When there's nothing left to see

Heaven knows but God decides
When to kill the Prince of Tides
How can you tell how it used to be
When there's nothing left to see

Nothing left to see
And beach music beach music beach music
just plays on


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