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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It's a Weather Channel Day

So... as storms race down across the United States.. dancing their way through the plains and the long state of Florida. A Nor'easter from Maine to DC as two dancing lows dance off shore. Friends in Pt. St. Lucie had hail and twisters. Scituate MA is on the news... waves dancing over the sea wall and this is soooo cool.. blowing foam from the waves as the guy from TWC talks, wow look at those waves. OH I want a Nor'easter!

When men break your heart and upset your world.. there is always The Weather Channel.

When you have a mild concussion and are told to stay in bed and rest... there is always The Weather Channel.

When kids visiting from Israel are home fighting with the younger normally calm, happy kids... There is Always The Weather Channel.

When old boyfriends follow you around at work with fake names asking for your help on the computer... short circuiting your brain and making you worry on their sanity, there is always The Weather Channel at home.. resting in bed from the very mild concussion (boy does my head hurt) there is... always The Weather Channel waiiting, green rain falling down in Green Bay. Nice purple suit on that lady. They wear wigs you know sometimes, I know I have worn the same wigs when I was very religiously married.. and wasn't on The Weather Channel.

Wondering what will happen to my hair if I wash it with the Wash and Curl instead of running the Pure Seduction from Victoria Secret's through my waves...

Wondering why they never show commercials for Victoria Secrets on The Weather Channel. Don't they know sensual, sexy women love weather for all it's excitement and intensity.

Yes on days when men break your heart and don't write back and people don't disapeer who are supposedly dead and it is blowing wildly in Maine.. and I am going to hide in bed..and watch the rain blow through..

There is Always The Weather Channel.

Not a bad day, made a friend, went to an appointment... and going to watch The Weather Channel and wonder why I can't see a Noreaster too!

Love to my friends... all of you... even Jay wherever you travel today in Greece.

Love Bobbi


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